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  1. And when there was a cloud of dust that exploded every time we scored from the Rangers End

    Shocked to hear a Thistle Fan calling it anything apart from the 'Mount Florida end', tut tut :shok::thumbdown:


    But I remember as a ball-boy at Firhill getting tickets for the Home Internationals for Section N & O and there were 'medium' sized fences to climb over as we made our way from the Kingspark End to to the covered end (H & J) as the atmosphere was always brill.

  2. If Arrol hadn't broken his leg, tragically,Rough would never had got back, Arrol was performing brilliantly and his leg break, IMO, caused us top ten that year.


    I'm just being pedantic but Jackie Campbell replaced John Arrol :thumbsup2:


    And I think Scruffie was immense but I also feel Scott Fox is working his way towards that status. I felt Paddy Bonnar was trying to be supportive and helpful as he sees the potential is there for a really good keeper.


    How many of you that are worried about Foxy not coming out of the six yard box remembers the days we all panicked when Scruffie decided to stray well outside his eighteen yard box playing sweeper keeper (or similar) :frantic:


    Proud to be a Jags Fan. :fan:

  3. As we can't be there The Mull Supporters are "Coming down the 'hill'!" (Oor pub is at bottom of hill) :drink2:

    Heading to meet up in the Mac Arms then (dodging torrential showers) heading to the MISHNISH to join in the fun.


    Doubt if there'll be many Jungle Jims :yoda: to contend with as its raining and they are all fair weather supporters!!!


    :music: We're coming, we're coming, we're coming down the hill :fan: :fan: :fan:

  4. I also noticed a quick glimpse of the half-time scoreboard 'BEHIND THE WEE GOALS!'. . A,B,C,D,E, . .etc . .and then if I'm correct it was moved to being along front of wall of the 'Wee Goals'?


    Oh the olde days are but memories which we will have forever and let's hope we add a new fond memory this Sunday. . . :fan:

  5. :) Your right. What ever was I thinking. F#kc the Golf.


    Can I consort with him after we have humped them as it will be good fun then.


    You've got to ask yourself "Why does he want to play golf !" and I believe it's quite clear he's shi**ing himself to watch his team getting a good old humping and he's not really a friend if he's taking you away from your opportunity to see us in action and "taking the pi$$".




    PS I've even given up the opportunity for a 'Sunday Roast' to go to have pre-match drinks in one pub (Mac Arms) before heading to our local pub (MISHNISH) to watch the big screen(s)!

    :cheers::drink::drink2: :drink2:

  6. I think if we play the possession and passing game we can then I have a feeling we're going to be physically attacked by frustrated 'nutters' like 'Broon' etc and a few cards will be shown. I just hope none of our boys get hurt and we don't panic but keep the heid and score three magnificent goals and a dodgy penalty and stick it right up em!!!!!


    C'mon ra Jags. :fan:


    PS I'm actually not worried if they are magnificent or flukes but as long as we score more than them and have a magnificent celebration!


  7. I was there! Spotted me and my dad a couple of times and scary that that match was 33 years ago. I had longish hair and was still young and single. Spotted the old tunnel to the enclosure 'Gents' and I'm sure I could smell it :thumbsup2:


    Oh :thinking: and I remembered that we didn't have wash basins in the 'Gents' in the 80's, come to think of it the urinals didn't have urinals it was brick walls I think and I cannot remember anyone complaining in the good old days. Visiting supporters nowadays are just a shower of nampy pampy big girls blouses! :sarcastic: They should go to the loo before they leave home like my mummy taught me! :innocent: and I now teach my grand-daughter.

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  8. The MISHNISH bar in TOBERMORY is full of us.

    :fan: :fan: :fan: :fan: :fan:

    We outnumber the h*ns and T*ms and can hold our own when the 'banter' starts. Colours worn and we've got the televised matches to look forward to. The Stealth Bomber Penant hangs high on the wall where it used to once have a sevco shrine.

    And we are served by a bitter 'Tractor Driver' as the barman. :sarcastic:



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  9. Went to a meeting last week in Lochgilphead and went to buy a bottle of water at Petrol Station and there it was on the shelf screaming "BUY ME!, BUY ME!" so I did but couldn't decide what flavour so got the Lemon & Lime and also the Strawberry and was well satisfied. Hmmmm, the meeting was not so refreshing!


    C'mon the Jags! :fan:

  10. Predictions for tonight?


    My prediction is TMQ will post another seventeen times this evening. 11 of which will be in reply to himself.


    Any how, I'm away to the pub to watch it with my fellow Jags fans!!! :fan: (Guess there'll be a few Sevco fans in also. Oh the banter!!)

  11. Aye, I can remember travelling down overnight with my Dad in 1979 on the Western SMT coach and arriving at Victoria around 6am to all go round to the Palace to wake up Lizzie.


    Two cans each allowed on bus and the remaining crates put in hold till we reached London. It was amusing to see folks hiding cans around their body and inside their flags. There were some huge erect flags!!!!


    The transport network in Londonshire was just an amazing experience as it was wall to wall Scotsmen (and wummin) all with one voice and one aim, to enjoy the Home Internationals.


    Entering the old Wem-ba-lee was also hilarious as the buckets where you deposited your beer cans were placed behind stewards between them and turnstiles. Folk were frisked and handed over their cans only to retrieve them as they passed the stewards. :sarcastic: Half way up the staircase though the Polis stood and made the naughty Scotsmen drink their cans before going into terracing. :drink2:What a fantastic atmosphere and experience inside the stadium and I remember lifting my feet off the ground and moving with the crowd in the terracing. :shok: (I guess it defied gravity??)


    Into a pub after match for a Lager and Lime then back to Victoria to catch overnight bus to Glasgow. :sleep1: :sleep1: :sleep1: :sleep1:



    and good luck tomorrow night to the Auld Yins!


    I have a tear in my eye remembering the good old days when Home International tickets were like gold dust and to get a NI or Wales ticket was good going but to have an England ticket was something to cherish! (I've still the stub in the old Autograph Book).





  12. Hmmmmm, :thinking:


    Don't think I have any need to know that info nor would it lend itself to an interesting/worthwhile thread ending in nothing more than 'Public Forum' comments and 'expert' opinions most likely based on hearsay and media pi$h.


    Having said that, I know it is a public forum but . . . . . .

  13. Dundee?


    Guess it makes up for the post match interview with 'Snakey' :angry3:who referred to us as "Partick". I'm sure he knows it riles some folks!








    It wasn't as bad a mistake as SPFL webpage earlier that said the score St Johnstone 1 v 0 Hearts at HALFTIME and 0-0 at FULL TIME :loco::doh::thinking::no: Its good to know we're in good hands!

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