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  1. @rheawolfson Yes labour fought it for 10 years... any comment ?

  2. RT @SusaninLangside: 1. Equal pay negotiations have not “collapsed”; they are continuing 2. GMB have assured me they’re not seeking paymen…

  3. @afneil That was then ....you are now

  4. RT @THWtwit: Absolutely terrific article. Delighted for Sena, he deserves his opportunity. https://t.co/KcqbJxOI0Q

  5. @Ian_Fraser Did u see the ft piece on m mone venture ?!

  6. @lokiscottishrap Go to Iceland

  7. RT @DaftLimmy: I think we should make a preemptive nuclear strike on Europe. I've just got a bad feeling about how things are going over th…

  8. @kittycatboyd So only the poor are innocent ?!

  9. @kittycatboyd What ?! Total rubbish

  10. RT @PartickThistle:

  11. RT @PartickThistle: ... so is Souleymane Coulibaly! https://t.co/1vHFewcTYx

  12. @jeremycorbyn Looks like your Brexit strategy ...

  13. RT @DalaiLama: I am one of the 7 billion human beings alive today. We each have a responsibility to think about humanity and the good of th…

  14. @JimSpenceSport Nope .... this would be the same result as last time