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  1. Need some windaes put in (no not like that) in White St. Anyone got any recs/avoids? Have seen Freelance in Crow Rd but there appear to be mixed reports about them.
  2. Sorry for the delayed response, but 5XL just isn't possible. The company we use have 11 types of round neck shirt but the largest is 4XL. If you drop me an e mail (address above) I can send you the image which you might be able get photo transferred using a different supplier.
  3. Hi Davie If you e mail me I will happily give you a copy of the image which you can then get photo transferred onto any type of shirt that you want, but EEOS are only doing round neck - sorry.
  4. Very rude of me not to reply, but I'm rarely on this forum these days and I've been on holiday. Things is good these dyas but I'm working up to an epic level of grumpiness in advance of a Sunday 12 noon kick off against the unwashed Eastenders.
  5. Let me check. It might be possible in a different range of shirts. The ones we gaet are Russell and are pretty decent but they alos do Fruit of the Loom.
  6. I've had a few stragglers come forward lloking for a t shirt so if anyone else wants one, please contact me by Friday 31 May using the details in the first post on this thread. This will be the last order ever....
  7. We have about 10 spaces available on the bus from Edinburgh tomorrow night, with pick ups at Hermiston Park n Ride and Deer Park, Livingston. £10 (£5 conc) for non members. 07775 726560
  8. I've now uploaded an image to Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8613360812/in/photostream
  9. Long time since I've been on here... Anyway, a few folk have mentioned on Twitter and at matches, the t shirts that the Edinburgh Jags got made in 2010 which feature Archie as Che Guevara with a Thistle "stealth bomber" on the beret They have a very small EEOS logo, since they were originally designed for the supporters club. I've been in touch with the suppliers and they can make them again without set up costs since they still have the image. That means a price of £10 per shirt, the same as last time, which gives a very marginal profit of about £1.18 per shirt to the Edinburgh Jags bus fund. The sizes are as follows For the Kid Sizes - Small - age 5/6 Medium - age 5-6 Large - age 9-10 X-Large - 11/12 Adult Garments - XSmall - 34/36" Small - 36-38" Medium - 38/40" Large - 40-42" XLarge - 42-44" 2XLarge - 44-46" 3XLarge - 46-48" 4XLarge - 48-50" The lead in time is 14-21 days so realistically these won't arrive until the Dunfermline game on the 27th of April. If you are interested, please e mail me at honved71(at)gmail.com with your full name, the size(s) that you require and the quantities of each by Saturday 6th April. The Edinburgh Jags will take on the cost risk in terms of paying for the manufacture and you will only need to pay when you collect your shirt(s).
  10. Selective memory loss over the Twadfather. Good left back for us and better than Sinclair in my book.
  11. What's the story with Balatoni? Wouldn't we like to know...
  12. Well to be fair, and in the spirit of whitabootery that surrounds this whole issue, it wasn't the politicians that started this bigotry, it's wholly in the hands of those whose clubs are being fined by UEFA to stop it and it's my taxes that are used to clear up folks' sore faces in the Royal Infirmary after an OF game.
  13. I could do with the help of another couple of volunteers on Saturday. We will have all available exits areas covered with the current squad (ie Aitken Suite, South Drive, North Gate and hospitality), but it would help if we could double up in key areas. Drop me a PM if you are up for it - there are incentives available.
  14. You do sound like one of those Old Firm apologists that are floating around at the moment. Full of ah but and whitaboot. Here's a good one. "Most people are convicted of sectarian offences away from football grounds and matchdays, so that means it's not connected with football" © some OF walloper on Twitter last night. Who cares what the legislation says, who cares how it's gonna be policed? Those are questions for lawmakers and those administering the laws, the important thing is to try to get it to stop at the football and then we might have a fighting chance of reducing it down to mere intolerance rather than hatred.