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  1. Dearie me. That's much less exciting than I'd hoped for.
  2. Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere, but I read recently that Maryhill will be unveiling a flag for the burgh of Marhill on Oct 2. Anyone any idea of the possible colours or design ?
  3. She's done a decent enough job, and there's a few things to see. it's pretty basic tho, and it seemed to me that any of the collection we all have at home would be a welcome addition. Two men had brought some good scrapbooks, which were good fun looking through-- The match report from Alex Burns' hat trick against Kilmarnock my favourite. Wine and beer were provided last night.
  4. Hi there, has anyone been to the exhibition at Maryhill Burgh halls ? If so whats it like and is there a reason for tickets for this evenings opening?-- Ex players? Buffet? Apologies if this is in another thread. Hamish