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Found 1 result

  1. This really is the big one. Incorporating the 139th Scottish Cup and the 53rd Women's Scottish Cup from the First Rounds to the Final ties. All 158 matches. Usual rules apply with one important exception. No longer will predictions be determined by results in the previous round. Every player will be able to make a prediction for every game. The draw for the Men's First Round takes place this evening (Sunday). The Women's Preliminary Round games are played next weekend and the draw for their First Round will follow. Here is a timetable of fixtures over the next nine months. How to play Select the winning team in each Scottish Cup tie. Simples. Seeding For scoring purposes, teams are seeded as shown below MEN Premiership Championship League One League Two Highland League / Lowland League EoSFL / WoSFL / SoSFL / Others WOMEN SPFL 1 SPFL 2 Championship League One SWFL / Highlands & Islands League Scoring One point awarded for each correct prediction in the First Rounds. This increases by one point in each subsequent round. Therefore, predicting the winner in the Men's Final is worth 8 points; in the Women's Final, 7 points. If your chosen team beats a team with a higher seeding, additional points will be awarded commensurate with the difference in seeding level. Should the victory be away from home, one further point will be awarded. As an aid, the seeding points available in each tie will be shown in the published fixtures. Logistics The fixtures for each round will be published here shortly after each draw takes place. Post your entries on this thread. "H" for home win, "A" for away win. Please post as a single string of letters (hereafter known as HAHAs). This enables me to copy and paste into spreadsheet with little intervention, thus reducing the chance of errors. Post your entries before the deadline stated alongside each set of fixtures. I'm not too strict about this but it's annoying. Should your entry arrive after any matches have kicked off, however, entries for those games will be void. League table will be published after the completion of each round.
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