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Found 1 result

  1. Starting the match thread early this week, and have gone for a hopeful title! Not yet ready to begin talking about the game, line-up, tactics etc, but just wondered if anyone else had yet attempted to buy a ticket(s) for the game? I followed the link on the Jags website and it was very easy to set up an account with ICT. However when it came to trying to purchase a ticket in a specific location. all it would offer me were places in the home stands. The away stand is the South Stand. Blocks G & H in the South Stand were included in the drop down options, but both claimed to be sold out, which is hard to believe! I was too late for office hours and have meetings tomorrow morning, but will be able to phone ICT in the afternoon and hopefully sort things out. In the meantime, if anyone has any helpful insights, please let me know. For example, was there a place to signify that you were an away fan, which I might have missed? Happy memories of a 4-0 victory with Ryan Stevenson and Gary Fraser in top form, and before that a 3-2 where Liam Buchanan ran the show, Archie scored a "worldie" with two 1-2s taking him the whole length of the pitch, but having to hang on for victory at the end as players began dropping like flies due to a nasty bug. Plus of course Shaggy's freekick to win the cup replay in 2002 in the teeth of a rainstorm of epic proportions.