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Found 1 result

  1. Last time we had 2 games in the same midweek, Auld Jag opened a single thread to cover both matches. The result was 2 clean sheets and 2 decisive victories. I cannot replicate Auld Jag's balaclava but hopefully the team can replicate the good results in this pair of vital, but hardly socially distanced, fixtures. What are the prospects and thoughts for both games, or one at a time? If I can kick off, although I would welcome the perspective of posters with more tactical knowledge, and especially Big Wull as the new X-Factor member of the managerial quadriumvirate, I wonder if team selection might bear in mind that (as against Airdrie) the last 20 minutes of the game may involve an aerial bombardment missing out the midfield in either direction, if Cove are scrapping for a win or a draw, or we are scrapping for a draw (we perhaps would not go gung-ho for the win in those circumstances). Tiredness may limit the possibility of craft being employed, whether in defence, midfield or attack, especially if Bannigan and/or Docherty cannot last the whole 90 minutes. Could there be something to be said for starting with such as Williamson, Cardle and McIver for some pace and energy going forward in the early part of the game, and bringing on the likes of Graham, McKenna and Sena at 45 or 60 minutes fit and ready to give their utmost, jump their highest and head their hardest to supplement or defend the aerial bombardment? I would not advocate this for a one off game in which we are playing the best starting XI, but in these very specific circumstances it is unrealistic to expect the same starting XI to carry us all the way through the week.