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  1. I’ve been listening to a local artist/band known as Ohio (based in Glasgow?) anyways, some decent songs amongst their EPs if you like some acoustic songs. Possible Jags fan too!
  2. Hi I appreciate it's late and not great timing after today's score but I have 2 seated tickets for Morrissey at the Hydro tonight. Total cost £70.00. If interested, please get in touch on here. After today's score, heaven knows I'm miserable know. Thanks
  3. Spotted McCall looking rather dapper at the Ayr match in a suit. Does this mean he's getting professional now or off to a job interview at full-time?
  4. Paul Westerberg - 14 Songs
  5. McCall has been on the slide since Gerry Britton left the first team. Could it be the case that Gerry was more 'hands on' with the team and actually had an idea about how to motivate the players in training and get something out of them when McCall was not interested or cared? Let's not forget that Gerry's departure was followed soon after by the appointment of Davie Irons who was a real spud who apparently the players did not warm to, hence his removal. This left McCall steering the ship and I think that period demonstrated his true qualities as a Manager that he was limited, uninterested and de-motivated. McCall has simply lost touch with his players, and cannot seem to find the right formation or motivate them and that is evident on the pitch. As for McCall's post match comments and general drivel in the media, surely someone at the club has got to get some quality control on this guy! Maybe McCall should take a look around his peers and take notes on how they handle questions from the media and generally stop talking p***. I'm not saying other Managers don't, but let's face it McCall would certainly benefit from a few basic lessons in the art of how not to come across like a real dobber! Address the real issues and stop using excuses we've been hearing for over and over. McCall - think before you speak. Or in the words of that Irish cheating crappy crooner, You say it best...