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  1. House of the Rising Sun - John Otway Legendary.
  2. Love Foolosophy - Jamiroquai
  3. It Ain't Easy - David Bowie
  4. Hip to Be Square - Huey Lewis & The News I'm off to axe Jared Leto to death...
  5. Paton's screamer in the 4-0 thumping of St Johnstone last season was awesome. Remember when we scored goals?
  6. Keep Halliwell and Corrigan definitely, Hinchy and Donnelly definitely as coaches and maybe as players, and I'd be happy to see us keep Conroy, but most likely he'll be back to Celtic. Assuming Tuffey is for the off, that leaves Maxwell, who can leave any time, and Tully, who I assume is a youngster - any opinions on him?
  7. Everton. Would've loved to see them leapfrog Liverpool for the Europa Cup spot, but yesterday put an end to that.
  8. Dull game, cracking goal. We've had so many games of a similar dull nature where it fizzles out to a goalless draw or we lose one, it's a nice change to win like that. Thought MacBeth looked great, Erskine was alright but don't think he was MOTM, probably Rowson for that. If Grehan can be a bit sharper on goal then he'll be a good player for us I think, good buildup play but lacking slightly in the finish.
  9. It'd be crazy to expect anything other than a totally insane proposition from the SPL. I mean, playing each team once after the split leads to the possibility of bottom half teams overtaking top half teams on points with no effect, but twice? Wouldn't be surprised if the top team of the bottom 8 gets more points than, say, the 3rd placed team in the top 6 and demands a European place or something. Or do we still have that for 3rd place, our football is going down the sh*tter so fast I never can tell.
  10. Like so, I'd imagine.
  11. Beach Boys - Our Sweet Love
  12. Loved the first one so eagerly anticipating this, especially since it's also got Sam Rockwell, the most awesome guy ever, in it.