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  1. I hope all games are recorded facing the JHS from now on.
  2. Thats right, I remember and so are couches. If you don't like it then I can give you some salmon instead?
  3. Good on you Andy. Shame about the abusive tweets he received as a result, I hope that makes more people see the underhand No morality and vote YES.
  4. As much as I woud like a Yes vote, I fear the worst. And am gonna be sick of telling people that they should have voted Yes for the rest of my life when the Tories go back on their promises following the referndum and shaft the Scots again.
  5. The time where someone shouted "Beastie you couldnae control a f***n erection" when Colin McAdam blasted one miles wide James Sanderson and Richard Park on the way home The day they laid team posters out in the main stand after the game and everyone helped themselves but weren't over greedy Getting my white away strip for Christmas A packet of crisps which I forget the name of - Allstars maybe? And they had world cup football cards in the middle Football Crazies crisps, and buying Tudor pickled onion at Firhill Watching the wrestling with big dady and giant haystacks before heading off World of Sport with Dickie Davies Jim Craig being my dentist Not knowing whether the game was on or not trying to see if it was postponed Edit Seeing the Spot the Ball results and it was always behind where everyone was looking or what ever direction they were running in
  6. KAWB

    Dundee Game

    See the Fox sending off below, make your own call but right in front of the ref what did he expect?
  7. Davie, I plaiced a few squid that you'd be the thread snapper.
  8. Would he have made any difference at the world cup if Ferguson had picked him?
  9. Something to make you smile going into the weekend.
  10. Perhaps my bad, he is on loan to us to the end of this month and he returns to Sheffield. So I meant his contract in terms of his loan to us. Personally I don't care if you think its mince.
  11. Source. Would rather Taylor signed but he's out of contract and Shefiield may use him as a bargaining tool to get McGinn so maybe the poor lad won't have a choice.
  12. Apparently Sheffield want McGinn from St Mirren to join his brother there and have offered St Mirren £300,000 plus Lyle Taylor.
  13. While we are at it, can't games be filmed from the main stand so it actually looks like we have a crowd?!
  14. What do people think of Fargo? Started watching it and it was a bit slow but have to watch the last two episodes still.