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  1. All the best to the big fella doo doo doo… Tunji Akinola 🎶
  2. Informative pre-match interview with Archie. Apparently we have” a couple of players back” and “a couple out with suspension and injury”. Not giving anything away at this stage will surely have Cove quaking in their Adidas Predators.
  3. Does that make Friday a must win game?
  4. Not much, the players were mediocre apparently. still, we gave Morton a goal of a start and then ground out a 5-1 victory - you’d think we’d just lost a must win game.
  5. This is not a must win game However, if we are going to finish at the top, or in a play-off spot, we must win our home games against the provincial teams. It stands to reason, no?
  6. @stolenscone Completely agree. Just to be a pedant. Yes, the shares are now owned by a legal entity, The Estate, and the executors must act in line with the deceased’s wishes but that is where a practical interpretation of those wishes is required as there was a work in progress that Colin Weir presumably intended to see through to completion himself. I’d suggest that Jacquie Low, working closely with Colin as a trusted adviser in the past, should be considered the person o likely to understand what his intentions and wishes were and how they would be realised. She is most qualified to know how truthful she is being to those wishes (whether we like it or not). And I share your take, in that in 45 years of supporting the Jags, I haven’t seen a more committed group of volunteers galvanising supporters and engaging with the lifeblood of the club, the fans. I’m extremely curious to see the nature of an organisation that currently doesn’t have that engagement, and how it will satisfy, what many people outside the circle of trust believe to be, Colin’s wishes.
  7. I’m as baffled and confused by the 3BC’s announcement as anyone, and I see TJF as currently the only fan group with any legitimate claim to being engaged with all sections of the Firhill Faithful (it’s not an easy task to raise a volunteer army). But, I also think a calm head, identifying a real enemy (if there is one), and their numbers, is critical to survival before going over the top and running headlong into the barrage with a blindfold on. I’d put these points forward for consideration 1 If you own something and you want to give it away, it’s up to you who you give it to (and you don’t have to explain your reason to anyone). 2 It is normal for the transfers of assets (shares etc) to be negotiated in private and not made public until ALL is agreed (TJF had no option but to be public in order to garner numbers to support their bid). 3 It’s unwise to act in haste until we are aware of ALL of the facts and decisions made (assuming all will become clearer, ahead of ICT on the 19th as promised). Let’s be in the fact zone first. All that said, I’m extremely disappointed that a “communications professional with 30 years experience”* has failed to engage with fans in the way she promised she would do when co-opted to the board, the first time round. It’s ironic that a media professional is centre ring of a media circus disaster. I’m already a TJF donor and I hope the Foundation will continue to grow and become an important voice, regardless of share ownership, for a very large section of fans that already appreciate the engagement that is taking place. It’s been a long journey already so let’s be patient for one more week. *www.ptfc.co.uk
  8. Would it be too cynical to suggest that the other party is already privy to this information?
  9. You have to go to the shop and buy it, after you’ve got your subscription
  10. Anyone else having trouble with the stream on iPad or other Apple products?
  11. Thought Weston looked a bit lightweight and likely to struggle in the Championship a la Connor Murray but might get a chance to run beyond if we play a system that suits him.
  12. Bit of a training game and opportunity to see the youngsters in action. McKinnon looks comfortable and competent and Dowds will give Graham a lot of competition. they had 7 in their back five but we lacked a spark of creativity despite Lawless, Turner and Fitzpatrick (2nd half) all putting in a shift.
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