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  1. Really like this boys attitude and he comes across as confident without being cocky. Well done to all involved at Thistle for cutting through the red tape and I'd love to see him succeed as he's truly passionate about the game.
  2. Dean Watson being recalled points to just how depleted the squad is at the moment. We certainly can't afford any more cards so it's been good to see Banzo getting through games unnoticed recently. Not suggesting he deserved attention, the opposite actually, he seems to be playing with a lot more composure and maturity and fewer impulsive challenges.
  3. Will clubs be invited to vote to relegate Partick Thistle now if they need the money quickly (all votes to be in by 17:00 today (preferably but Dominic Cummings rules apply to Dundee which is - no rules apply))?
  4. Murray and Penrice not on the same wavelength at the moment
  5. same again this week, although eventually last week I got an email to say my payment had been successful. Think I'd be better giving the value of my losing tickets to Caroline's GoFundme page as at least that's easy to do.
  6. that's 2 weeks in a row I haven't been able to buy tickets. I click to pay at checkout and the bar goes to 'please wait' and nothing happens from there. Anyone else have trouble?
  7. a tragedy to such a cruel disease. thoughts are with Susan, his family and friends. I'm sure a lot of the PTFC 'mentions' in the Guardian, radio and podcasts were down to his writing and influence.
  8. Spot on. simpler times but you needed pointy elbows to keep enough space on the barrier for your wee brother (and the bounty) while he was being sent to the kiosk with a list
  9. I can't believe we ALL stood at the first concrete barrier, not the metal ones, behind the goals I do remember the centre pages of the program always had a list of scarfs, hats, badges etc. "available from the kiosk" but when you wandered down to the kiosk at the enclosure (changing room corner now) you were lucky if they still had a pie and bovril left at half time
  10. This way you can buy the gaffer a pint at the 50:50 lunch Well done Martin You have to be in to win it!
  11. Ha ha FIX! Enjoy your lunch with the gaffer Martin.
  12. Always sad to lose one of the Jaggy family. Familiar with a lot of his work but amazed to see just how prolific he was on stage and screen.
  13. From the BBC... The summer transfer window for Scottish clubs begins on Tuesday and will remain open until midnight on 5 October. The joint response group says the new window addresses the staggered start to the new season and need to "strike an appropriate balance" for clubs to strengthen their squads. While the top flight kicks off in August, Championship clubs are due to begin a shortened 27-game season on 17 October, with the bottom two tiers also aiming for an October start. The SPFL board has also agreed to amend rules on the existing October loan window so that it covers Championship clubs in addition to Leagues One and Two.