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  1. hmmmmm, Bill McCluskey, defending, said: "He had a promising career in professional football that was curtailed due to a serious injury." ...must have had a bad bump on the head as a baby. Agree with Anniesland Jag and hope he finds a helping hand away from the past.
  2. Presumably it's not a lot of money but rather some 'income share' linked to gate receipts but every money spider is welcome.
  3. We can’t blame the manager and the team if we don’t support them, and buy a ticket
  4. I was never a season ticket holder and always just paid at the gate even when I attended every game in the season. I buy a season ticket now despite only attending less than a handful of games a year. It just appeases my conscious that I'm supporting the Jags in whatever way I'm able and I can afford to do it today. The injustices of the past year (and beyond) have made me more determined than ever to be at the box-office door when it opens tomorrow. However, that's a not a very compelling argument and not particularly helpful to you, I'm sure. thebiglemon, there is no "I'm a better fan than anyone else" in any of this so really, in the end, it makes no difference if you pay as you go or pay in advance but for any business to have an accurate grasp of revenue is invaluable when establishing a budget. So, I'd encourage any fan that can afford it and make that commitment, especially as we move to towards fan ownership, to help IMac put the best team on the field that we know we can afford without guessing who will turn up on match days. If the directors take the view that we don't want to jeopardise the club by spending beyond our budget, and they are guessing about possible revenue, we won't put out the best team we might be able to afford, and if we put out a poorer team team than we can actually afford, then numbers will drop as the season goes on and a conservative budget will become a self fulfilling prophesy of mediocrity. If we want the best possible team on the park then we have to give an indication of our commitment to pay the best players wages for the entire season and buying a season ticket gives that signal of intent. If we have aspirations of back to back titles we have to show the same commitment to the season that we are asking players to make. Hope that helps to persuade you, if you can afford to make that commitment. (let's face it, there is no bloody interest in the bank anyway)
  5. wot? No turnstiles leading to the city end terracing? ...and I see we're at home to Peterhead judging by the crowd
  6. The spine is forming with Graham, Docherty and Bannigan who was, in my opinion, playing the best football of his career in our last 10 games. Announce Tiffony now to add flair and youth and Bell to steady the ship alongside Brownlee and we have a skeleton to accommodate 5 A Listers.
  7. Speak up Ian and we'll have a whip round for the fine...
  8. No real criticism of Gordon for me as he's not a natural replacement for Banzo but I do hope we have Stuart back and firing on all cylinders as he has been providing a real engine and energy to the whole team of late. When Banzo is playing well the whole team looks good. Really looking forward to this, they're only bairns after all...
  9. or even better - Falkirk and Cove both lose. I'm sure Barry Cook could manage that
  10. I was saying earlier that I think the last half dozen games have seen the THE Stuart Bannigan. Great to have him back!
  11. I haven't shaved for a fortnight, surely I must be in with a shout?
  12. Scottish Supporters Network running their own survey but I can't find a way of posting the link - anyone got it?
  13. don't know about Starman but he's certainly tuned to the moon