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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-54830945 https://donateaticket.com/donate/maryhill-fc/ saw this on the bbc site in case anyone fancied helping out our neighbours or their local non-league team with a few quid. Tthe SPFL teams can take a flying **** to themselves tho...
  2. Anyone who was there shed any light on this game? was there much of a thistle support? seen the odd pic but don't know if it was anything more than a run of the mill glorified friendly. mind attending a few friendlies in the 80's at firhill against English league opposition that didn't have particularly good crowds. #lockdownsaturdayboredom
  3. Personally would be in favour of the Aitken Suite being opened on away game Saturday afternoons & spending my money in there with the game commentary piped in or Soccer Saturday on the tv's. Can't imagine going to an away game outwith Falkirk.
  4. Just turned this on - was that the Forfar chairman rubbing his hands in anticipation of big travelling supports from us & Falkirk? He better think again there.
  5. I think the lads will have to knock the 'hello, hello how do you do' song on the head. Police moved in quite quickly after they started singing it with what looked like a stern lecture (one boy got led down towards the exit, not sure if he was being escorted out or was just getting a telling off) anyway at least they brought a bit of enthusiasm on a cold day though they'll have to practice their flag waving technique - lifting them up & waving them when Thistle are attacking the North stand goal did get in your eye-line a bit! Think I'll move 20 yards to the left for the Dundee Utd game..
  6. despise rangers fans, even the decent ones (which include friends) as they have the 'superior' attitude that they think allows them to do as they please. a sort of safety in numbers cowards approach to their treatment of people that don't share their views.
  7. all joking aside, it would be nice to see a lot of jags in there on Saturday especially if we make a bit of history with a 5th win in a row. was in there on Saturday after the Ross County game for an hour & it was good to see a few familiar faces while catching the final scores as they came in. great to see the kids happy faces when the players came in. go on, its Boxing Day - we can all benefit from a wee get-together before family duties take precedent again while putting a few quid behind the bar. mon the jags.
  8. thought the pictures of the place looked nice on their Facebook page. then I read some of the comments..