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Found 2 results

  1. So I'm sure you've seen in the news the Scottish Gov proposals around V-passports for large events, e.g. football matches, nightclubs etc. My question is, how would each of us feel if this were brought in at Firhill? I ask since as far as I can see, there's already been a fair backlash with fans e-mailing their respective clubs to say they won't be attending if this were a requirement. I personally am also in that boat, and have already e-mailed Thistle to state the same. My reasons being - wasn't required during EURO 2020 (e.g. at Hampden) - it's a trial drug with no evidence of long-term effectiveness against disease, or its infection, carrying or transmission - our medical history & who we share it with is no-one's business but our own. We don't need anyone's permission to live our lives, especially from the government. And if you're also in agreement, could be an idea for a few more of us to get in touch with the club to make it clear where we stand on the issue going forward? Cheers
  2. I had no problem with moving my seat from the Jackie Husband (season ticket holder) In a perverse way I looked forward to sitting in the Excellent Main Stand as I had a season ticket there in the 1980's....what I do object to is arriving at 11:30 for unreserved seating..finding the best seats for the 5 of us right on the halfway line with unrestricted views of both goals..... then 15 minutes before kick off being told (and the 4/5 rows around us) we had to move to accommodate the players friends/family and ambassadors. No indication of an issue when we arrived, no area cordoned off.... just more pissed off home supporters. Was it a penalty... no idea..big pillar in my way. Tam