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  1. Videos have all been uploaded to Youtube, following link should work (looks like there's sound after all) tamjag - YouTube Hope it is of use. Tam
  2. Hi, I converted an old VHS tape 7 years ago with the following games on it (sorry looks like no sound) Happy to supply if needed. Tam
  3. just for clarity....I had no issue with the steward who was shafted by the "suited" guy....but ffs we really couldn't organise the proverbial in a brewery.
  4. I had no problem with moving my seat from the Jackie Husband (season ticket holder) In a perverse way I looked forward to sitting in the Excellent Main Stand as I had a season ticket there in the 1980's....what I do object to is arriving at 11:30 for unreserved seating..finding the best seats for the 5 of us right on the halfway line with unrestricted views of both goals..... then 15 minutes before kick off being told (and the 4/5 rows around us) we had to move to accommodate the players friends/family and ambassadors. No indication of an issue when we arrived, no area cordoned off.... just more pissed off home supporters. Was it a penalty... no idea..big pillar in my way. Tam
  5. Long time lurker.... it was me....I admit it. I posted the video on YouTube. I have a VHS (thanks Brian) of games from the following season that I'll upload when I get the chance. I've had problems with my account otherwise I would have posted sooner
  6. tyre was definitely slashed....big rip through the side wall....impossible to repair....must have been the Pxx TFC Licence plate I got for my birthday....
  7. Well done Jags...would have been home nearly two hours ago but some wee Paisley barsteward slashed my front tyre (£120 to replace)....don't park in Stirrat Street in future. Oh Maryhill is wonderful.....but Paisley is a $hithole..........Mr Happy with Jags but Mr Angry with Paisley scum
  8. Big thanks to those who organised the Calendar signing session this evening. Brought kids along, bought some more Calendars and most of the team were there, happily signing the Calendars and chatting with fans old and not so old. Kids chuffed (dad pretty chuffed too). Well done Jags