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Technical Issues


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Hello Everyone,


Hope everyone is enjoying the new forum and getting used the new layout.


We are using the same software as the last forum, except this is v3.0 so there are a few differences. Most of these weren't by choice and that's just the way the software works but there is also a lot of things we can tweak with the settings, which we will be doing over the next few weeks.


Biggest bit of good news is that we have now arranged for a new hosting provider and when we switch all the niggly issues people have been having should be sorted. We are trying to get this done before Friday so that everything is in place for jagsforum.net closing but we will post another update when we have more details.


This also means that for a period of time we will need to close the board, but we will do this late at night and post something to let everyone know when it will be happening.


Everything has been hectic the last few days, so we appologise if we haven't replied to everyone yet and if anyone is having major issues please just PM us. Once we get settled and have the new hosting etc. we will be able to work on tidying up all the niggly issues people have and make improvements/enhancements etc.


Thanks to everyone for all the comments so far and for all the ideas on new features etc. we are looking into all of these as well as a few other things we are thinking about, just really busy at the moment.


Will post an update soon about the hosting.



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We have successfully transferred to our new hosting provider and we should have a much smoother service now. Sorry for any hassle caused in the past few days with errors. These should now all be resolved.


If you do have anymore issues please PM us.





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