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  1. Col


    Sorry for the delay in getting this sorted but we have finally arranged a new admin for the forum, who will be taking over immediately, and this is just a quick farewell message. We’re proud to have been involved in the forum for so many years and really appreciate all the help we have received and the opportunities we have been given to help the club. We have been privileged to both work for the club and run this forum and were involved in seeing us go from near bankruptcy to the SPL. Jags fans really are great and we want to thank our mods and other members for helping us keep this forum going. Especially willjag and twinny. They both gave up their time to ensure this forum was maintained and a good place to visit for other fans. We think the forum is an important place for fans to share views, make friends and even disagree about things. Life would be boring if we all thought the same and the people who contribute to this forum are the ones that make it. We wish all members and all Jags fans the very best for the future and maybe we will bump into each other at Firhill one day. So goodbye and thanks for the memories. Col & Chaz #wearethistle
  2. Thanks Paulo and congratulations on the happy news All the best for when he/she arrives Thanks very much Twinny and we would also like to thank you for all your help over the years too. You have also been invaluable to us and we really appreciate all the time you have spared to the forum. Hope you're enjoying married life Thanks Douglas, we have sent you a message. Cheers
  3. Thanks very much for the comments above Thanks Dick Dastardly, Mrs. Admin is doing good and the little Adminlet is practicing it's kicking technique Thanks Fearchar, we have made a deal with the hosting provider that secures us free server space in return for our advertising rights on the website. So all that's left to pay for after that is domain names and forum software upgrades. We are happy to cover these costs as long as the forum is being used. Would just like to say a huge thank you to you Willjag for all your help over the years. From the initial advice you gave us when starting this forum to all the help you've given us with maintaining it over the years, you've been invaluable to us. Thanks very much Douglas Clark, we wouldn't be against a group effort but it's all down to who offers their help. Thanks very much JeanieD, glad you have enjoyed using the forum. Hopefully having a child will be a walk in the park after this... Thanks for the offer Dougie247, we have messaged you. We've now got a few offers of help to take over the forum so will be back in touch shortly. Hoping for new Admin in the new year.
  4. To all members, This is a post about the future of the forum and we would ask that you please read. We've tried to keep it short. We have ran this forum for 5 years now and have really enjoyed it. Over the past couple of years we haven't had the time required to dedicate to the forum, and over that time the forum has sort of been neglected which we would like to apologise for. We have had a busy few years and now we're expecting a baby on top of our other commitments - so it seems as good a time as any for us to call it a day. However, we are aware that many fans still use the forum regularly and we would like there to be a place online for thistle fans to keep in touch. So what we are proposing is that we take a step back and basically just take care of the forum's design, development and hosting and allow someone else or a group of people to take over the actual running of the forum. If someone comes forward then we will upgrade the forum software and then work with the new admin(s) to refresh the look and feel of the forum. We will then continue to look after that side of things and implement any new ideas that require technical assistance. Everything else will be left to the new admin(s) and they will have full control over the forum. If you would be interested in this or would like more information - then please get in touch with us at: [email protected] with the subject 'Forum Admin' and we will take it from there. We are still working on the details of how to hand everything over but will hopefully have the new admins in place before the end of the season and have the upgrade/refresh in place for the start of next season. If nobody comes forward then i'm afraid we will be looking at closing down the forum. Hopefully it won't come to that but we will post again to let everyone know what is happening either way. Cheers Admin
  5. We received an email today from EA sports asking us to post this message on the forum to promote a competition they are running. They are looking for an expert on the Jags to help them on FIFA 14. Good luck!
  6. Col


    This has nothing do to with censorship. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if you don't agree with what Thatcher stood for or done to the country then express that. We just don't think that there is any need to celebrate the death of someone. Feel free to start a thread to discuss Thatcher - but the thread we closed was just a thread laughing at a dead person. Cheers
  7. They have now got a fan as website manager, but just pointing out that this hasn't changed over yet, and onethistle had no involvement in the new design.
  8. Just to say about the ticket - i'm gutted about that. Downloaded that image from the Internet so not sure where the 1871 came from. I've got an updated version of this video (with original ticket) and will post the link later - on my way to the game just now. Thanks very much to everyone for the comments. Cheers
  9. http://www.ptfc.co.uk/news/2012-2013/august_2012/sell_out_saturday
  10. Col


    Hello Derby Jag, Had a look at the settings and the max image size for both images used on your profile page and images posted on the forums is: 2,000 kB Most avatars used on the forum are roughly 2-3 kB so 1MB seems like a pretty large image. If you have photo editing software such as photoshop or even the open source (GIMP) - you could maybe try resizing the image to 150px width and 150px height. Please give me a PM and I will be happy to look into this more for you and I can also help out optimising the image for use as an avatar. Cheers
  11. What did you change the theme to? Did you change it to the mobile theme? Cheers
  12. Col

    New Style

    Thanks for the feedback, the forum is everyone's so we would rather you liked the look of it and how it works. Please give us as many suggestions as you want. Hopefully the new style will grow on you but we are also working on a few more themes with different colour variations. Also need to restyle the mobile theme, currently it's just the default ipboard mobile theme, so will have a look at the font. We will also be fixing a few issues tonight, like the calendar and page links, few styling things and updating the forum with new features. Cheers
  13. If you set up your own easyfundraising page please use this link: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/referral/39021 ...and we will get a small donation. Thanks to everyone for supporting this, we've raised £82.14 so far with easyfundraising and easysearch - all this money goes to the club so is very much appreciated. Cheers
  14. Can Your Business Help Us Raise Money? Do your employees or colleagues search the web at work? If the answer is yes, you could help us raise funds is by using our charity search engine http://wearethistlefundraising.easysearch.org.uk'>http://wearethistlefundraising.easysearch.org.uk at work. An average searcher can raise £25 a year by using easysearch and as businesses make substantially more searches than individuals, you and your colleagues could really boost our funds. easysearch is a 'super' search engine, featuring the results from Yahoo!, Bing, Ask.com, MIVA and many more. This innovative approach to search results makes easysearch perfect for business use as the results are fast, accurate and relevant. So, if you run your own business, please set http://wearethistlefundraising.easysearch.org.uk as your company search engine and support us whenever your employees search the web. Do you make business purchases? If you make business purchases for your company, you can support us by making these purchases with easyfundraising. There's an extensive list of retailers used by businesses including Staples, Viking, Rymans, DELL, PC World, Apple, Eurostar, Virgin, thetrainline, O2, Vodafone and many more. For a full list of business retailers please log on to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/wearethistlefundraising and visit the Business Services category.
  15. Raise Funds For Free! Did you know you don't have to spend anything to raise funds for Wearethistle Fundraising with easyfundraising? The FREE FUNDS page lets you raise OVER £250 for us without spending a penny! The featured retailers will make free donations just for switching to their service, participating in free trials or even simply registering on their site! For example, eBay offer a £4.50 donation when you register and place just one bid (it doesn't even have to be a wining bid!), while The National Lottery will pay us £2 just for registering on their site and playing Lotto online for the first time! LOVEFiLM offer a £5 donation when you sign up for a 14 day free trial of their dvd rental service. Please log on to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/wearethistlefundraising and click on the FREE FUNDS page for more details.