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  1. Didnay see any Accies fans behind the goal. Were there any there at all?
  2. Just had a wee look at our current league position and it doesn't read well at all. Just 5 points away from 9th spot and 7 from bottom.If we don't get our socks up we'll be in Dire Straights in a couple of weeks especially if the bottom 2 can string a couple of wins together and we don't.Gawd it pains me to see us in that spot when really we should be up at or at least near the top knowing our proud tradition and also considering our Fan Base is larger than the other clubs in the league. Mibees the gers will fold and we'll get some of their fans to come along and boost the gate money and then we'll be able to buy some really good players or mibees some of the current gers squad will come over and play for us! Ach well dream on mates!!
  3. Just wondering if anyone else watched the Villa v QPR game last week on t.v. It was terrible to watch especially if you were a Villa fan. Villa had 2 former Rangers players and 2 former Celtic players in their line up as well as a former Rangers manager and a former Celtic Player as coach. The players were Hutton & Coullier (Rangers) Keane & Petrov (Celtic) Mcleish and Grant at the helm. Both teams had Irish goalies in Paddy Kenny (QPR) and Shay Given (Villa).If this is the standard of the EPL then it is no wonder that only the same top 6 sides compete for the title each season as the rest are rubbish!
  4. Glenmorangie and a wash doon with a pint of McKewans fine ale for me and stuff the game and stuff the weather and stuff everyone who complained aboot the weather and the game. You should've stayed in a had a nice wee swally and enjoyed the warmth of yer wee hoose instead o" windy and cauls Firhill.
  5. Hold on there Lenny Lad. I'm in Sydney as my post started out to say so How am I going to go and see the Jags every week ?I was just commenting on the fact that The Jags are in all sorts of trouble and if results don't improve on the park then how do they suppose they will survive in the future. Do you want to see them in the 2nd or 3rd div's perhaps with even more dwindling crowds or would you rather see them up in nthe Premier with the big boys. I know what I'd prefer mate!
  6. Just got up to a wet raining morning here in Sydney and as I turn my computer on I am concentrating on a Big Thistle Victory in the Scottish Cup but alas and alack what do I see? Yep! another defeat at home to a team that apparently is worse than us and to a last minute goal at that. I am so fed up with this current team and manager that I am seriously thinking of giving them up for the remainder of this season. I am just glad that I don't have to watch this Drivel every week like some of you Diehards out there. It must be really painful to watch. With poor results at home and dwindling crowds due to that fact I just can't fathom how the club operates week to week. They must be carrying a heavy load on their backs cash wise and the debt surely must be through the roof. If drastic measures are not in place from now until next season then the Thistle I once knew won't be around anymore and that's a fact to be realised out there by all remaining Thistle Diehards!
  7. It's on a par with the Scottish 1ST Div
  8. Big Madaschi has been playing really well for Melbourne Heart in the Aussie A League. He even managed to hit the cross bar last week with a good header.He just strolls around at the back ala Hansen and passes the ball well and marks his opponents really well. Could be in the Aussie squad for the world cup if he keeps it up. Another who is doing really weel is McGlinchey who plays for the Central Coast Mariners. He gets stuck right in and is always hungry for the ball . The fans up there love him. He takes on his opponents and is dangerous going forward and lays on for his strikers. The Mariners are currently top of the ladder and the Heart are not far behind.
  9. Right Lads n ' Lasses, HONEST TRUTH TIME! I might be 11,000miles away in Sydney but I keep up to date with all that is going on at Firhill via this website and my mates and family back home. Once again we appear to be in a self destruct mode and definately in the great Unpredictable mode where we are either Brillaint or Absolute Tripe! So I ask you all really, where do you think we'll finish this season as I don't feel really confident that we'll finish higher than where we are at the moment ? I've seen the games on the PTTV and other sites and sometimes the way we played is outstanding then we go and blow it all and lose at home to some team well below us in the division. Why do we have a problem with consistency unlike Ross County for instance. What to they do that differs from our game? I just can't imagine them being in the premier league next season.For mine they are a1st div team and that's it but good luck to them if they do go up.Thistle should be looking at them big time and saying to themselves that it should be them up there at the top but alas and alack we are in the middle yet again and look like staying there unless Jackie cam wave a magic wand over the festive season and change things around. Mibees County will have a horror run in the new year and start to slump who knows but one things for sure Thistle will always be the great unpredicatables just as they have been for, for the past 100 years!
  10. looks like you've upset some of the locals C.J. Mibees you should've posted in the other forum mate.
  11. Just goes to show C.J that Scottish Football is in Very Dire Straits when this can happen twice in the same comp mate!
  12. Did the 10 pound entry fee increase the attendance at all?
  13. Having just survived Bowel Cancer I can honestly wish all who are currently suffering from any form of Cancer the very best of luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery and if any of you who read this are in their late 40's and early 50's or even in your late 30's then get yourself along to a chemist and ask for a Bowel Cancer Test Kit and follow the Instructions. That's how I found out that I had the dreaded bassa of a thing. Don't wait till it's too late. I was very lucky as they got it early and got rid of it without me having to have Chemo or any other treatment.Just have to have Scans and Colonoscopies for the next 5 years until they say all ok.