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  1. Ozzy Osbourne I love you I love you more than life itself, BUT YOU'RE ALL F**KING MAD
  3. Don't try and twist what i said my friend, you are looking into it too much and twisting it for your own entertainment, i have been around for a long time and have you never heard the expression they would be better dropping a bomb on it?, i did not mean fly a B52 bomber and drop a atom bomb like Hiroshima, my God get a grip and don't be so serious,Advocating Nuclear holocaust for the OF (YOUR WORDS NOT MINE) i never said that so watch what you are saying,, are you mad naive or trying to take the piss?, drop a bomb on it is a old expression, meaning Parkhead and Ibrox are dumps and they would be better to drop a bomb on it, Firhill is a dump if i said it would be better if they dropped a bomb on it, it would mean the same thing? it is a expression, not bigoted , my God its like walking on eggshells talking to you, calm down and grow up, and don't try to twist my words to cause trouble for your own imature pleasure, OKAY!
  4. Listen my friend do me a favour and do not compare me to these bigoted idiots, I am not a Rangers or Celtic fan, i hate any form of Religious bigotry, right wing Nazis etc and Religion and Politics should have nothing to do with sport, football. I do not hate anyone , i have not posted any hateful statements towards any person, okay! My Father was a Protestant and Mother Catholic, i am have a lot of respect for other Religions, i have attended many churches, Protestant, Anglican, Church of England, Catholic etc, The OF Bigots who attend the football matches are not decent Christains, they use the Catholic and Protestant religion to cause trouble and probably don't even attend their Church, i grew up in the East end of Glasgow for over 20 years before i moved and i have seen the troubles these bigoted Fans have caused, people being stabbed, attacked etc. Today the East end of Glasgow has not changed there are still Rangers and Celtic pubs in poor rundown areas with high unemployment and poor living conditions, poor health etc Have you ever visited Shettleston or Parkhead, have you ever walked down Copeland rd? poor, dumps, compare these places to the Westend, Byers road etc Wouldn't it be better if we had one football club in Glasgow, no Celtic, No Rangers, no bigotry, no Racism, no politics. All these new laws that they have brought out are too late, there will still be hatred and bigots in the workplace and pubs causing trouble. There is nothing wrong with speaking out against bigotry and racism, i have Protestant, Catholic and Asian friends and Glasgow has to be one of the worst places to live for this type of behaviour and not forgetting Northern Ireland. Do not pretend there is no bigots and racists in the OF its a sad reality that will never go away. So please do not label me and compare me to the sad mindless, Bigoted Imbeciles!
  5. Yes i agree, look at Queens Park. then again if you sprinkle 400 fans to 4 sides that would not really make a difference to the atmosphere.
  6. Secrecy? sssshhhh don't tell anyone, but they are Free Masons
  7. Get that thought out of your head or you will go insane and have nightmares
  8. Will under 16s be allowed into the stand if they are with a Guardian/Parent?
  9. I read on Fulham FC forum that in the past Rangers played Partick Thistle in a benefit match to raise funds for a new Orange Hall, is this true? I hope not
  10. Yes the last two home games the atmosphere has been poor, even at junior games the crowds are louder, the stewarding is a joke, mini Hitlers , i have been to old firm games and the stewarding has not been as bad, the stewards at Firhill need to get a grip and not be so serious and let the Jags fans enjoy themselves, i can see crowds getting smaller at Firhill.
  11. Is it expensive? there is a shop in the city centre across from Argos that sells retro made up shirts, it is pricey, the shirts are t-shirt quality, i wonder if its the same guy that has opened the shop in Byers road?
  12. Where on Byers road is the shop and what shirts do they sell, new, retro etc?
  13. Im interested to know why you all picked Partick Thistle to support you must have a screw loose? I will give you to next season and you will probably hand your Jags shirt into Oxfam.