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  1. 1. Don't know how many times you need this explained, it was the kit supplier himself who was more than happy to provide details of the new strips to me and others, completely unprompted. 2. Of course you didn't. The person who did just happens to be so scared they're choosing to remain anonymous. 3. No organisation would ever want details of a new partnership leaked in this way. I think you know this fine well.
  2. What have I been caught doing? Repeating a verbal description of a shirt...6 years ago. 6 years of posts. That’s the best you could come up with? I think you know fine well that you’ve f*cked up here, were far too eager to break some news and didn’t think before you posted. Maybe a few too many late night beers on holiday? I think you’ve been around long enough to know that if the club or the kit supplier were ready to break this news, they’d have done it themselves. I think you’ve been around long enough to know that the launch of a new partnership like this will have a press and marketing strategy which will involve months of planning, and key to this would be no one leaking the news in advance. You know that you’ve not helped the club by breaking this news, but instead of admitting that you’ve chosen to rake through 6 years worth of forum posts in a desperate attempt at whataboutery. For a man of your age and apparent experience, tragic.
  3. Sorry I must have missed the part of the post where I actually posted a design of the strip. A verbal description is what I posted. The guy from TTL was telling numerous people about the strip that day, what I posted was in no way confidential and in no way comparable to what you have leaked, several months in advance. Still laughing about you raking through 6 years of forum posts and then saying someone else did it. Those are the actions of someone who’s done nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all.
  4. Totally agree, it is funny. Funny that you posted it, funny that whoever dug it up wasn’t prepared to post it themselves. Funny that someone has raked through 6 years of forum posts. I fail to see the comparison though. That was an existing kit supplier who was happily telling me any many others present details of a new strip. Pretty innocent truth be told. No comparison at all really and a truly tragic use of someone’s time. No wonder they couldn’t bare to put their own name to it.
  5. Exactly my point. Astounded that the original poster needs this explained to him.
  6. You really don’t have any idea how this works do you.
  7. Doesn’t really matter who told you. The fact is, a new kit launch is vitally important to a club of our size, and you’ve now severely compromised the news value of this one. Leaks like this harm the club and you would of hoped a grown man would realise this.
  8. Sad that yet again stuff is being leaked. Also sad that people who are told confidential information feel the need to sh*t on the club by publicly revealing it like this. Well done javeajag, hope your ego is suitably massaged by being “in the know”.
  9. I guess we'll never know.
  10. springburnjag if you are anything to do with the PTFC trust or TFE I would suggest you are digging huge hole for yourself today.
  11. ian_mac


    McCall will be after him of course but I wouldn't be surprised if Tommy Wright came back in for him again.
  12. ian_mac


    Of course it wasn't a money issue. The guy took a 50% wage cut to stay last season and knocked back a deal with St Johnstone which would have kept him on the same wage he was on in the premier with us. The guy was as loyal as you could possibly be. He's been treated like absolute shite.
  13. ian_mac


    He just said so himself on Radio Scotland
  14. ian_mac


    Absolutely. You only have to look at our winning campaign in 12/13 where the goals were spread out between Dools, Craig, Erksine and Lawless as well as many others. None of that team got close to the 20 mark and yet we won the league by 11 points.