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  1. not a chance - the club have obviously lost the name or ticket number of the winner and are keeping schtum
  2. It seems the sheikh was transfixed by his excel PowerPoint presentation... https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/gary-caldwell-set-manchester-city-21566977
  3. Senior moment ... the wind up came before the thought process! As you were gents.
  4. no more questions - the defence rests m'lud!
  5. I think your algorithm has taken root more like! I've been sold a whopper ... what's your returns policy?!
  6. or just maybe with a depleted squad, 4 untested academy lads on the bench & the game not being put fully to bed, that the suitable coaching team risk assessment was use up injury time at the end of the game with unnecessary substitutions that won't adversely affect the result
  7. Utterly pointless piece of legislature if it passes as (a) effectiveness of being double jabbed over time reduces - down towards 60-70% after 6 months - and (b) new variants are coming on stream with the new ‘mu’ variant being a current cause for concern. However if it’s the new law then we’re duty bound to comply irrespective of personal opinion.
  8. a bit of collective responsibility is required here BB - for your Fields Medal antics have merely activated the inherent laziness buried deep in our subconscious