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  1. eek not a section B diamond surely
  2. Not every one Barney boy … there’s quite a few where the keyboard diarrhoea-ist forgot his upper case mantra
  3. I'm afraid that I don't have the requisite business experience to join the cultured elite on the ballot paper and I don't suffer fools gladly - unless you want a few lectures about subject matter ranging from Ohms' Law to the Schwartzchild radius of black hole (still awake?) - tried teaching a fair few Jags fans ra fizziks including such luminaries like big Brian Welsh & hairbrained Alan Murray - with the emphasis on tried! - they weren't the most luminous stars in the universe if u know wot I mean sandy boy
  4. Keep your hands behind yer back ya dirty auld man
  5. cheeky auld bastirt - time for a cup of ovaltine & bed up at happy valley retirement home - if you're on the luxe package you might even get a new nappy tonight
  6. Had to be a top scorer big chap so picked the obvious 2 (Kane was in the wings) ... I do hope you are not suggesting any impropriety on my part - didn't have a scooby about the keeper - before my time y'know.
  7. controversial - perhaps fifa should have added another place especially for them and make one group of 5
  8. Nothing tawdry about it big chap - it’s all pure legit above board! Monday 23rd May, 2022 at 11:39am The Club has today received the following update from Three Black Cats in relation to fan ownership, which it has been asked to share with fans: Dear Jacqui Low (@PTFC), I’d be really grateful if you/me (delete as appropriate) could stick out another statement on your/my (delete as appropriate) website to let the fans know of your/my (delete as appropriate) intentions. As those pesky ones that wanted full disclosure of my/your (delete as appropriate) finances are in a state of flux at the moment make sure to tell them in that statement of yours/mine (delete as appropriate) that the clock is ticking and will soon run out. Love your/my shoes, best wishes, Jacqui Low (@3BC).
  9. maybe 3BC have absolutely no intention of passing the reins onto a fan led group but are instead holding out a hook for a potential sale to some wayward millionaire/consortium - just a thought
  10. Hope it’s not a case of 3BC bailing and leaving behind something like of the famous old letter to the treasury in 2010 … ‘I’m afraid there is no money left’
  11. treble whammy for the keeper by the look of it on MOTD - seemed to have been hit on the head in his own box, then accosted by a buffoon just outside the box and finally another idiot hit him with a trailing arm in the face (although that looked like an accidental collision) as he was ushered away
  12. could have finished third but just couldn't bring myself to hope for a h*n victory - well done peaty & thanks again BB