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  1. clean sheet and 3 points will do nicely
  2. Be interesting to see if these change any auld yin or if you're too stubborn to bother
  3. … (drum roll) … and the winner is ?
  4. Looks like Barney boy has already put in his 4th round predictions
  5. BB's dodgy point-o-meter on full scale deflection!
  6. grinding them out- well done lads!
  7. before I forget completely ... AHHA HAHH AHHH AHHA AHHH
  8. agreed ... must be totally demoralising to be an accie player
  9. Starting to look like league winning form - play gash and get 3 points - take it all day long
  10. Hamilton manager off tae Plumpton - relieved of duties apparently so sky news says
  11. shall we just set up a direct debit to your good self Basil?!
  12. Expect to lose this one, so no doubt we'll soundly pump them 4-1. Three points and a clean sheet will do nicely.
  13. Woohoo! Your usual cheque is in the post!