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  1. first timer who’s bottle is surely going to crash - HAH - cheers BB
  2. Had a good chuckle yesterday when I read about Danny Lennon's pre match team talk ... he said to the Clyde players "you lot believed in Santa Claus for 8 to 10 years, so go and believe in yourselves for 90 minutes"
  3. Word on the street is that the Falkirk players have been summonsed to the stadium this morning for a chat ... take your pick from a bollocking, a clear the air meeting or the management are getting punted.
  4. You'd also expect a professional goalkeeper to make the odd save or two from penalties as well. With three main placements open (left, right and down the middle), and restrictions in feet placement on the keeper, it certainly favours the player taking the penalty. However, either do your homework on the taker or guess right and you're in with a chance of saving it.
  5. agreed ... Falkirk have hopefully bottled it
  6. I think someone has had a sip or two of bobby's cargo
  7. C.A.R.G.O. ordered ... other bottles may crash but hopefully not ours.
  8. not unless they discover a new Falkirk mutation of the virus ... wouldn’t put anything past Cove slimy rats that they are though
  9. both of them a single point ahead are there for the taking
  10. ... plus encouraging early signs of the brockville lots bottle crashing
  11. 4/1 the other day before the Montrose game was a tasty offer - what are the odds on Falkirk bottle crashing?
  12. No case to answer being reported in the Daily H*n tonight. Looks like this pointless story will be wrapping my fish supper tomorrow. Jog on.