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  1. Apologies to my fellow forumistas for adding to the pish recently on this banal thread - let's hope the season gets started proper soon.
  2. Quality debate ... why should I go to the pub?
  3. Wow! To be dismissed by a vacuous moron is a true achievement thanks! You still haven't bothered explaining why you thought a post was "drivel" despite being specifically asked to do so before posting your unoriginal Sunday Post-esque hey "chaps" analogy of how you see it
  4. or you are damned by a one line keyboard warrior bullshitteer
  5. Ok I'll bite JJ - which particular parts are drivel & what would you do? If schools and universities are to remain open at all costs then society at large should be back fully open too - respective (& I use the following term loosely) governments are pissing in the wind shutting boozers at ten p.m. thinking that it will make one iota of a difference.
  6. This. It's running rampant in the community again - school kids are off in droves (about 10% off in our secondary this week & a mate teaching in a primary on the southside has 3 whole year groups off isolating) & just have a gander at the Murano student village up the road just a stone's throw from Firhill with nearly 200 positive cases. Doesn't suit the SG or Tory narrative to close down schools/unis though - keep the bug factories open at all costs & lay the blame elsewhere with people spreading it at home and shutting pubs down at 10pm is just laughable - it's a total crock of PR sh*t.
  7. wonder if there will be any parallels with the EFL Carabao cup insofar as Leyton Orient accepted Spurs offer and volunteered to be tested & saw their game called off & have subsequently been booted out the tournament for positive tests - while clubs like Hull and Luton refused offers to be tested - what's the situation with testing at ptfc?
  8. Turn your tv up beyond half way and you might start to hear the mumble!
  9. I feel seasick with this camera ! Anyone else having trouble hearing the commentary team … I’ve got it on the big TV and volume is maxed out at 99 during first half ... had to turn it down to 50 when the PA kicked in at half time ... can hear a faint background mumble of people talking just now but the PA tunes are drowning it out. Note - the TV volume is usually at 15 and that’s for the missus who’s corned beef!
  10. I'd agree that the fans have been magnificent in other areas of raising funds and to an extent about the general state of finances and apathy. However Falkirks draw this afternoon had 4 prizes - top prize was just over £1k ( it was over £3k a few weeks back) with the other prizes being a seat/hospitality in the directors box, an attempt to beat a player in a crossbar challenge for an unspecified prize & a signed ball/boot. It's also a whole lot easier to buy a ticket. Needs the club to be a bit more proactive in improving it/publicising it/pushing it or it could just fade away.
  11. well done ... but 450 tickets sold overall is pretty p.i.s.h.
  12. what % of capacity is allowed in tonight
  13. Apologies LIB - was only giving a for instance.