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  1. I am sure the SPFL will be asking serious questions about our ability to finish this season while we are allowing QP to ground share. Did Motherwell not have issues a few seasons ago about their amount of postponements.
  2. All today proved is we don’t have anyone coming off the bench who can change a game. We have a decent first eleven but no one who can make a difference.
  3. I got an email from him if that counts.
  4. Had the same problem but did finally get through on the phone.
  5. Bill McAlpine, 72 saw my first game in 1952, taken to Firhill by my father and grandfather to see a reserve game. We lived in Cromwell Street then. Nearly 70 years of joy and pain but wouldn’t change a moment of the journey.
  6. Email Scott Allison, I did this for my grandson and got a reply very quickly. He will ask you to give him some dates when your grandson will be playing so they can send someone along to watch.
  7. Was there, worked strange hours due to power shortages. Told my boss I had a funeral to go to. Think we got beat 4 - 1 but not sure. Yes there was a big crowd.
  8. Agree LIB seems the league cup(or whatever its called) is the substitute for pre season games. I miss these good days away.
  9. Your not renewing your season ticket, you live in Aberdeen. So why do you not just **** off. Good
  10. If she has heard unofficially then her statement is not a lie.
  11. She probably only knows what she reads on this forum.
  12. Tells us all what exactly?
  13. A very good signing. The only thing I find strange is that their is no comment from Caldwell.
  14. What annoys me is I have bought 2 season tickets to watch Partick Thistle. I am not interested in us becoming a feeder club for any team. I would like to know how long these negotiations have been going on. Surely no season tickets should have been sold until supporters knew what they were buying into.