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  1. Email Scott Allison, I did this for my grandson and got a reply very quickly. He will ask you to give him some dates when your grandson will be playing so they can send someone along to watch.
  2. Was there, worked strange hours due to power shortages. Told my boss I had a funeral to go to. Think we got beat 4 - 1 but not sure. Yes there was a big crowd.
  3. Agree LIB seems the league cup(or whatever its called) is the substitute for pre season games. I miss these good days away.
  4. Your not renewing your season ticket, you live in Aberdeen. So why do you not just **** off. Good
  5. If she has heard unofficially then her statement is not a lie.
  6. She probably only knows what she reads on this forum.
  7. Tells us all what exactly?
  8. A very good signing. The only thing I find strange is that their is no comment from Caldwell.
  9. What annoys me is I have bought 2 season tickets to watch Partick Thistle. I am not interested in us becoming a feeder club for any team. I would like to know how long these negotiations have been going on. Surely no season tickets should have been sold until supporters knew what they were buying into.
  10. Reading previous statements made they have large amounts of data on young players from all over the world. I am assuming the only way they will make money out of us is by using us as a feeder club. The problem they may have is getting these young players into the country after Brexit. I look forward to hearing their plans if the takeover happens.
  11. I think if you read previous statements from the owners they don't do throwing money, it is all about developing young players and selling them on.
  12. I believe they borrowed 22million to pay back the money the new owners invested. If what I read is true with tv deal and selling players they have the debt covered.
  13. With Williamson and Robson more wing backs than defenders we will be playing 3 at the back I assume. That is under normal circumstances but with all these rumours who knows?
  14. Thank God for something else to talk about.
  15. With our new management team and players the league will be won long before the last 3 games. Just renewed 2 season tickets, was really looking forward to the new season and now this. With no denial from the club I assume it is all true. Is Caldwell still the manager, does anyone know.
  16. Not so small you complete twat
  17. You cant say that TL you will upset Sandy.
  18. You have a good night. While your at it look up the word sarcasm.
  19. I have read the word legend so often on this forum. I have told you my opinion. They are not legends and never will be.
  20. You seem to be the one with the problem not me. Doolan and Erskine are paid professional football players nothing more nothing less. I made my point, you don't like it, tough.
  21. Well he is no worse than Erskine was or Doolan is but then again they are legends and Roy is just starting a career. Get a ******* grip.
  22. Well let's hope O'Ware is back before Elliot has this mysterious injury.
  23. Second that and when he gets the job he can sign all the shite he dumped on us.