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  1. Looking at the official photograph of the League Cup winning team (see below) and noticed that sub Johnny Gibson is excluded, but Tommy Rae features despite not being part of the squad for the final. Can anyone explain why?
  2. It's a quote from the interview he conducted with Chic Young following the Falkirk game.
  3. I think you'd be disappointed.
  4. Calm doon. Montrose had *everything* to play for, whereas we came into the game on the back of a well-deserved four-day bender.
  5. Graham now misses the season opener.
  6. Storey must have played close to double the number of games and scored a similar amount. Probably a few strikers who've had a similar goals to games ratio or worse.
  7. Brian Graham didn't fully break into the Morton side until he was 23, although he did enjoy a successful loan spell at East Stirlingshire prior to that. It's undoubtedly a make-or-break season for Mansell.
  8. English Leagues One and Two have concluded using the points-per-game system.
  9. Can't say I'm surprised. Or disappointed.
  10. The biggest mistake we made in recent times in regard to right backs was ignoring Liam Smith when Hearts freed him.
  11. He declined their contract offer.
  12. No-one's leaving yet, according to the Ross Docherty announcement. Players contracted until 10 June have received contract extensions until the end of the month. Announcement says to expect further news next week.
  13. The club confirmed on 27 March that it hoped to use the furlough scheme and make up the difference so that "no member of staff across the club will be left worse off by the current situation". The statement referred to "certain groups", but I assumed that applied to players.