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  1. Sizzle

    QoS away

    forgot to add Is this an echo chamber?
  2. Sizzle

    QoS away

    Starting 11 and tactics for CRITICAL game. Is there room for Cardle, Murray and Spittal? Is Bannigan becoming too sideways for an attacking team? Is this revenge for a game we should have played and won to avoid relegation?
  3. Yeah I agree. Def talented player and scored some good individual goals for us but seemed to drift out of games we really needed to win. Perhaps too much dependence placed on him. Should make a diff
  4. Lets hope he is more up for it this time
  5. Best I have seen Thistle play this season. Perhaps rough round edges, particularly in attacking box but for the first time in ages you could see real desire and intent. Particularly in 1st 25 minutes. Dunfermline were truly awful and really didn't deserve anything. Robson transformed in recent weeks
  6. Pleasantly surprised how easy this was to set up and it worked perfectly on night. No complaints.
  7. I don't think it will be that close but we should get a goal. 4:1 Arbroath
  8. Just bought mine. When is it wise to tell yir wife a) you bought a season ticket and b) how much it costs or should you stick to the fact that you saved £20