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  1. Smallest man on the pitch scores a headed goal from a corner.
  2. Completely embarrassed by that.
  3. I’m presuming we will win the league - slightly ambitious I know. But after the way the SPFL encouraged their members to relegate us, including the dark arts they used to persuade Dundee to amend their original voting intention, should we accept their trophy. I think we should not and if we do return it immediately back to sender.
  4. Got to laugh at the SPFL response - ‘damaging impact on the very fabric of our sport’, ‘a cynical and very worrying attempt to thwart the core principle of sporting merit’ , we all need to ‘work together to do what is right and protect the very essence of the game’. Hold on is that the same mob that engineered our unfair relegation ?
  5. Constantly depending on Graham to score from a cross. But it needs to be right on Graham’s forehead for him to score. He hasn’t the power or strength to barge onto a ball and score. We need to mix it up a bit.
  6. How do you know ‘game would of been over’ ?
  7. I don’t see it that way . Wright’s brilliant save provided us with a point as opposed to Senna’s miss losing 2 points.
  8. Draw fair result. Senna should of scored but equally we were saved by Wright when Cove were right through on the thistle goal. On the contrary to some posters I thought Senna was superb today despite his miss. The second half performance does offer a measure of optimism.
  9. So are you saying we should play football indoors in the winter .
  10. Summer football will need to compete with other summer pursuits - golf, bowls, hill walking, climbing sailing, gardening, holidays etc. For me it will mean markedly lower crowds at games. I for one won’t attend Firhill as much if the weather is good at weekends.
  11. Archie must be laughing up his cuff - you replaced me with him.
  12. I would love to see all the jags support celebrating Edwards scoring doing the Edwards kangaroo jive. It would be a marvellous site for everyone.
  13. theestle, on 29 August 2016 - 09:16 Hello Metz - I regular pay £52 to get me and my 2 kids entry to Firhill.on Surely that allows me to criticise the grey seats. I thought this thread developed about the general condition of the stadium I could critisice a lot more if you want.
  14. What I'm irritated about is the grey seats in the JH stand. Probably originally there was a lack of cash and there happened to be a cheap grey seat merchant available. But we must be the only team in Europe where the main used stand seats do not represent the colours worn by the team. It would make a big difference if we had blocks of red, yellow and black.