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  1. Messi apparently available
  2. The nail hit squarely on the head
  3. topcat

    New Kit

    If you use the small elastics that she normally adds to package you can make your own adjustable ear loops. This allows you tighten around ears by pulling ribbons ends
  4. topcat

    New Kit

    Thanks Guys Heather is made up that with your great compliments. She put a lot of thought into them from a health perspective rather than just how they look. As you say she puts three layers of cotton, she has a space for filters and a solution to get spare filters cheaply and the nose wire to make a good fit that can help with fogging of the specs. She also makes them with ribbons as elastics eventually lose there pull if you follow the health directives and wash everyday at 60degC. For those who still want it to loop over the ears she send a few small elastic bands with the package that are easily replaced and a wee cheat sheet solution to make it like an elastic type version. Stay safe Topcat
  5. Need a new thread. "Court it isn't then" Although it was 50/50 and in the end failed I still think it did what it said on the tin..namely upset the apple cart and push the issue to the top of the pile of news. Had we followed the rules and went to the SFA for arbitration this would all have disappeared like a damp squib. No publicity and controversy no imputus to compromise.
  6. topcat

    New Kit

    Get a mask with a wire insert which you shape to the bridge of your nose and it prevents your own breathe steaming up the specs. My daughter lost her job in the theatre and costume industry and is making masks to try and make ends meet. If anyone wants one. Probably this not allowed. Sorry mods
  7. That looks decidedly like copy and paste. Trying to pass yourself off as a Gael. That,s just dastardly
  8. Is my time clock wrong. Your BBQ is going at eleven at night. Party on!
  9. topcat

    Energy Check

    Cripes we named our stadium after this, FFS
  10. Cannae find it. Is it a twittery thing?
  11. never knew there was another one As Wee Jim only has 82 posts here I,m taking its a double bluff.
  12. One Rumour is its Dave King ,former Rangers chairman
  13. Please don,t awaken the beast from the East (eh south) . Only joking WJ
  14. Never heard you so beaten down Muscat Jag. But your right that the product doesn,t deserve the loyalty that it gets. I have switched off totally to away fixtures and I have to admit have found it harder to drag myself to Firhill of recent times even though we are no strangers to the ups and downs of relegation/promotion.
  15. Amazing Stuff. Its been an absolute age in the internet news era and we still don,t know the identity of said legal benefactor. Papers ,Rumour and conspiracy websites must be loosing their touch. Usually by this time its leaked.