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  1. I remember losing 1 0 at Dens in 1970 when we were in the 2nd division. Cup game when decisions went to the home side. What happened next season will always be with me. Had an exciting team then. Now? Play offs our best bet. Arbroath Morton or Ayr if we get that far. Capable of doing it but Brian Graham ffs. Sena ffs. Jags all over am afraid.
  2. Caldwell the worst manager we ever had. Thhe Bunnet is bettr than that fud
  3. I very much doubt it. Do we wait for Chesterfield levels of disaster or twist now. Least likely option is he turns it around. Utferly soul destroying watching this shambles. I dont care about his personality but do care he is one rotten manager. Tactically inept .demotivating.And utterly clueless.
  4. Fair point but here we are again.Same again but OTIG. Get it sorted Jags
  5. Bunter and Doolz would b well worth a shout
  6. Probably. Think the time was right when Shrewsbury were intersted. A Jags legend. Anyone but GC btw
  7. Fair does. But Skippy saved us last season. We deserve better than this
  8. But has no clue how to win games. Even from 2 up after 70
  9. We're better off with no-one rather than this clown. Caldwell is one shit manager.
  10. Jaiket shoulda been oot the buildin at 10 oclock last friday nite :-) How much longer?
  11. Hello hello how do you do? Times have maybe changed but in truth our song is not rooted in bigotry. The arse cheeks get a free pass every week when they are both up to their knees in bigotry. That bein said we are n should always be a family club so fair enough. The shed was the biggest blow.
  12. Hope he makes a good impression. Welcome to Firhill. Sadly we have a f..kwit as manager. Honestly feel under this clown we'd struggle wi Liverpools squad
  13. Ayr will troop up expecting 3 points against our powderpuffs and our diddy manager. My attitude is born of 2 years of this pish and disappointment. How much more are we expected to take?
  14. Does anyone think another team in this division woulda blown that? Please GC **** off