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  1. I’m in JCVI group 9 - whenever that’ll be who knows (my daughter works in a care home & gets her first jab today - the Astra Zeneca one apparently)
  2. According to the Guardian yesterday, Scotland sitting just shy of 4% vaccinated while Norway was on 0.6%.
  3. Championship about to go under the bus to save the top league as expected - consultation in name only? Talk of null and voiding - h*ns don't get same asterisked title as the green filth did, hearts don't get promoted and brechin get saved again - cue much guffawing and backslapping, malt whisky and cigars at the green-leaning SPFL/SFA Fawlty Towers HQ - they'll only be disappointed that they couldn't get us again.
  4. Having read the Stenny statement ... I don’t find the fact that an online meeting asked for participants to mute their microphones and cameras as being outwith the bounds of normal practice for multi-way meetings - can you imagine the low bandwidth din from 40-odd microphones left on? I also don’t find it odd that an association, with their antiquated articles of association, have strict rules/procedures about raising issues at meetings. I do, however, find it extremely odd (but not at all surprising) that this shower of slime did not have this on the agenda for the meeting - perhaps engineered so that no questions on the matter would be considered.
  5. ... or mass gatherings Leaning towards agreeing with you Fearchar ... SLF have just postponed their UK tour until March 2022 ... PTFC should maybe allow fans a walk through around the pitch on a booking basis to give us a shot of optimism ... more essential than a walk round Aldi ffs
  6. Top 4 categories of vulnerability completed by 8th March (first jab only) - so the chatter was on the news tonight (reliability?) - plus 12 weeks going to plan for the second jab takes us into June ... then those if 60s/50s/teachers jabs 1&2 etc exactly when? ... September 2021 might be not far off ffs
  7. the lamentable “equal membership” football authorities used the lower leagues as a bargaining chip with the SG to keep the top two divisions running ... push comes to the shove, they’ll throw the championship under the bus too if the SG feels their collar again - must keep the top division running at all costs to pay their inflated salaries
  8. If it’s a decision emanating from Hampden then you are never going to hear the true story - liars one and all. As a previous poster said, if we are deemed non essential then why are the top two divisions not treated likewise?
  9. to be fair most teams in the country could give us a doing just now
  10. Fed up with board statements too ... if it wasn’t obvious to the board before then it should be now ... no one, and especially the football authorities, gives a hoot about us ... barely likely to register more than a column inch or two in the fish&chip wrappers. Circle the fkin wagons, furlough as required, and make damned sure that we have a club at the others side of this mess. That is all.
  11. hey ho here we go again - if English students have not to return to university until the end of February at the earliest, I think it's not beyond the bounds of probability that the season will not start before March - which could probably mean the number of games could reduce even further from whatever it is at present - my glass may be half empty again
  12. we could be fast approaching the time to distribute some medicine again - will Brechin escape again?
  13. First time I’ve seen that bit above & shocking if true. On that basis it really should have taken no more than two functioning idiots from the SPFL no more than two days in a dark room poring over the previous 3 years accounts & average attendances (out with matches v the ugly sisters) from each club to decide a spilt of the monies on a more equitable and fair basis.
  14. Fek me Bobby your rating has gone green/positive ... sitting at a plus 2 means you’ve defo lost your edge boyo
  15. The forums deid BB - you’d get more chat down the local cemetery
  16. I think that you have to look at the Foundation of Hearts (FC) for how something like this could be run successfully - with almost 8000 members - they are approaching the £12 million mark input to club funds since it started. All other trusts and fan bodies were incorporated under the FoH banner a number of years ago. Whilst we are not on the same scale of fan base as the JT, the running of FoH is something that might warrant some investigation - just £20k pledged per month to the TJF would still put a substantial sum into the clubs coffers per annum.
  17. Bullet point / excuse to go out #23 - professional sports to continue as you were
  18. As you should know AJ it’s typed up on a pdf format and they can easily email you a copy through their whizzbang nothing gets lost email server
  19. Sturgeon having emergency meeting tomorrow - EIS teachers union looking for longer school closures in Scotland with schools chaos down south - allied to calls from Keir Starmer and the Liverpool city council for a (proper) national lockdown - seems to be growing momentum towards another full on lockdown perhaps up to April to allow vaccines to be rolled out properly. People just not taking it seriously - was walking the dug in Rouken Glen park yesterday & today - play park at the pavilion was heaving parents grouped together no masks and their weans mingling on all the slides and chutes &it was jumping up at the pond. What that might mean for football is anyone’s guess but probably same as before as precedent was set last season - however as full control wasn’t handed to the spfl it would undoubtedly be another vote ... what could possibly go wrong?!