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  1. Good effort BB, and sorry for making you wait so long for my money. No truth in the rumour that I'd have paid much earlier if I wasn't 11th in the draw...
  2. Just noticed this - put me in for £3 a point BB. Good effort!
  3. Ah well, 60% of us won't mind as long as we now focus on the league; 40% of us are gutted. Good discussion chaps - maybe next season we can have both.
  4. One for those that watch the development team - how is Neil progressing? We obviously had high hopes for him with him getting his debut last season - is he kicking on and looking like a future first team player?
  5. For clarification, the winner-takes-all option should be regarded as the last game of the league season against, say, Killie or Accies, where we need to win (or maybe draw) to finish 10th - i.e. it's still in our hands but is going down to the wire. (see Ayr United...)
  6. It would also be good to understand why people vote the way they do - for example if voting for top six is this for long term health of club, financial reward, just to have a bit less stress supporting Thistle...?
  7. With the Dundee United game on Saturday it would be interesting to gauge how we would regard Scottish Cup success against Premiership survival. Note in the options that I've not said whether we'd win the Scottish Cup or the 'winner takes all' game to avoid the playoffs - the choice is between comfortable league success and an uncertain, potentially glorious but potentially heartbreaking, end to the season (see Wigan Athletic...) Thoughts?
  8. I was chatting about the "Partick Thistle signed A German" in work today and it turns out one of my mates (Indian) is a Kerala Blasters fan. Random. Anyway, he said German is decent.
  9. I'm having similar resignation to the above, albeit replace 'summer football' with 'an artificial pitch' Indeed it could be good timing for this with the Warriors seemingly having outgrown Scotstoun - a pitch like at Killie would allow us to groundshare with them again, helping the cost of install and giving us ongoing revenue, while giving them increased capacity for big games.
  10. We should keep Bannigan because we're still in with a chance of winning the Scottish Cup.
  11. If we're offered a decent fee with a sell on clause then I'd accept. It would be a good move for Bannigan - in the immediate term Welsh, Fraser and Osman is still a good midfield and we could use the money to strengthen / extend contracts.
  12. Weren't we looking at the Dunfermline boy last summer? I'm sure Archie had a look but decided against it.