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  1. What a helpful contribution at this time, if I was in charge of casting Clyde's vote and was not sure which way to vote you'd have made the decision for me. As for irrelevant little club, who last won the Scottish Cup, us or them? Who last beat Celtic, us or them? We are quickly becoming irrelevant and don't even have a great history to look back on.
  2. Are you perhaps getting confused with Dixie Deans who scored a double for us when we won at Pittodrie back in the day when such things were possible.
  3. Caldwells 'we'll be fine' quote when our form shows the opposite is reminiscent of the Bunnets 'relegation is not in my vocabulary' shortly before leading us to relegation. Caldwell couldn't claim relegation was not in his vocabulary as he is Mr Relegation. Prior to joining us he had been in management for four seasons and on four occasions his club was relegated, I wonder whats going to happen in his fifth season. His record is a disgrace and the person 'ultimately responsible' for this laughable appointment should show some leadership and dismiss him and then have a look in the mirror. But taking responsibility for her errors does not appear to be something she is very good at, now who does that remind me of.
  4. TJR, Can you update this for the first ten games. How bad does it have to get before they are forced to take action or is Caldwell untouchable.
  5. Harkins is experienced all right, he's had experience of being relegated from the championship. The fact that Morton, Ayr and Queens have all binned him makes you realise how desperate Caldwell is. If this is the standard of Caldwells signings then relegation here we come. 18 months - FFS!
  6. Definitely provided they had the foresight to insert a probationary period and bearing in mind that if it's a three month clause we are approaching the end of that period. You've almost got me hoping that Thistle lose but I really don't think our leaders have the balls to enact such a clause even if we get hammered. More bad times are just around the corner methinks.
  7. allyo, See the PTFC Trust minutes last Tuesday on the official site. The guy is just full of bs and has got fitter players getting poorer results. Our board seems to think that this is progress and seem to be happy with how things are going. Fiddling and Rome burning come to mind.
  8. So was a 3 month probationary period written into GCs contract? If so we are at the beginning of the third month and need to activate it soon. If not then why the hell not. If Livi and presumably St Mirren had the foresight to insist on such a clause then why not us. If GB did not approve of the appointment he should have insisted on such a clause. I noted this week that in his latest presentation to the board GC claimed that players fitness had increased by 10% under him and the board appeared to accept this. Should they not have been asking why if the players were fitter the points gained by these fitter players had dropped by 45%. We are sleepwalking into the seaside leagues. The whole club is an amateur shambles just now. GC does not need more time, he has already demonstrated he's not up to the job. Time to get rid of Now!
  9. Totally agree Legs, something is seriously wrong at Firhill and while getting rid of Caldwell won't be a cure all it would be a step in the right direction. The problem lies higher up with the board and our joke of CE. Personally I'm going to go to the home games (at least the next two) but I won't be spending a penny to watch this crap. As for sacking him because of his lies over his funding at CFC do we (the fans) actually know Caldwell claimed this? All we have is the statement on the official shite which was removed as soon as it was challenged. I don't believe a word on that site and think it more likely they were talking up the appointment with no expectations their lies would be challenged.
  10. This should probably be in the prehistoric section but I couldn't find it. Is there anyone interested in 4 Thistle VHS tapes (over 10 hours of highlights) between seasons1992/3 and 2007/8. They include :- The Tennents Sixes (the year we won) The 3-0 victory over the h*ns A 1-0 win over Tims (when it was still possible to beat them) Lindau's hat trick over Stirling Albion The cup win in Dundee Promotion at Love Street Toastie's hat trick against Killie Grasping The Thistle Damon Gray's match and for any masochists out there the full 120 minutes of the game that shall never be talked about. Any Luddite interested let me know. There's no charge, it's either finding them another home or they'll be binned.
  11. TJR - Any chance you could give a running total of Thistle bookings/red cards as opposed to our opponents in each game as I've got a distinct feeling we're supporting a shower of dirty bassas (I'm certain that's not the case) or the refs have got it in for us or I've just got a persecution complex.
  12. In addition to the ones you mention I have handbooks for 1975,1976, 1978, 1979 & 1980.