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  1. I’m in the middle of a house move and have 20 + years of programmes and other jags memorabilia that I’m going to part with. Any collectors out there interested?
  2. I consider it to be a good reflection on the club that he came to us giving up (possible) Premier League wages at Dens. He must see something about us that makes him want to play the final chapter of his career at Firhill. Maybe he thinks Dundee’s ship is sinking faster than ours but nonetheless, every professional player wants to go out on a high and he thinks he can do this at Thistle. I don’t know what kind of relationship he has with GC but I don’t buy into old pals act theories. These are two professionals who will want to do the best they can. I see value in him coming to Firhill. His age concerns me slightly but I imagine his appointment will be as much off field related as it is on field. Welcome to the club Kenny and good luck!
  3. Are the podcasts still available for download? I am having trouble downloading them from itunes.
  4. For me its got to be Killie that come down. Cant stand them. It would also add 4 lively games to next years calender.