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  1. Hope they have pitch covers on…. -4 until around midday tomorrow
  2. That would involve common sense. Thistle v Ayr couldn’t ever possibly kick off at 12.45
  3. Inevitable that away fans will be moved back into the north end of the JHS at some point I imagine. Probably next season if we don’t go up
  4. Exactly this. Doubtful we have watered the pitch but bet we have done nothing to try and get it on
  5. No rain since lunchtime and the games off. Very doubtful Sunday will happen either
  6. If tonight’s game is off don’t expect Sundays to go ahead. Forecast between now and the is, to put it nicely, wet
  7. No email re tomorrow night despite Ayr being first choice. No streaming code. Email sent to 3 separate email addresses and yet no reply. Apart from that everything’s great
  8. Around 90% of people in uk hospitals with covid just now are unvaccinated. If people get sick with covid but hardly any were ending up in hospital we would not be in the current situation re crowd sizes etc.
  9. It is completely about results. Would you take 36 dire 1-0 wins? Of course you would
  10. Can’t believe some of the rubbish being posted on here. We kept 8 clean sheets in a row. One bad result and our whole team is rubbish. The manager has to go, the 2 centre mids need to go. Our top scorer needs to pull his finger out etc.. absolute garbage If you can’t handle a bad result now and again go and support one of the old firm
  11. You really hate the guy dont you....
  12. Wonder if the dodgy pitch can take all the forecasted rain?
  13. I think we might cash in on Rudden if it’s clear he won’t sign a new deal. Use the money to sign a decent replacement from the lower leagues
  14. Looks like the last of the rain should be about 0900. Should be plenty of time to get the pitch playable if it’s not at the moment. Some amount of rain overnight again
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