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  1. I was part of the follow up meetings in regards to the organisation of the 'New Trust' which seemed to be being headed up by Ian Maxwell, Lance Gilmour and Greig Brown. If what was discussed during these meetings (last one I attended/is aware of was back at the end of March if I recall) then it appears the club want to set up localised branches which dependent on size would have up to a maximum of 2 representatives to attend quarterly meetings with some of the PTFC LTD Board. These groups were to be set up firstly be geographic location, ie Maryhill branch, City Centre etc much as the buses are, along with North Stand, Season Tickets, Under 16s, Disabled fans. All these groups would be asked to adhere to a 'light' constitution which would be delivered by the club in order to be able to send reps to meet the Board. Obviously from this there is no certainty that the club Board would have to listen to these representatives when it comes to issues like Propco/AGMs etc. The way I personally view the situation, if this indeed what is to happen, is a sort of Rangers situation with a 'club approved' Trust and the troublemakers - Jags Trust. The Jags Trust was the joint largest shareholder with 1 million shares and if the full 1.2 Million has now been allocated to a new single investor then obviously we will no longer be joint largest, however it will still leave us with a substantial holding, though we would obviously require the support of others if we ever had to block or vote down anything at AGMs/EGMs.
  2. I'm only going to see Willie Collum. Worth £22 on his own.
  3. Colour me surprised that the joint largest shareholder have received no email so far....
  4. As far as I'm aware Ian Maxwell should be able to sign cheques. Though Iain Dodd is the director 'responsible' for the CF, so assume (probably naively) that he can as well.
  5. When we hammered County 4-0 Stevenson looked fine to me. IMO Stevenson tends to stay more central and links the play better (given he's primarily a midfielder!) rather than Dools who tends to run into the channels and then has no-one to cross to as none of the midfield have caught up yet.
  6. Confirmed starting XI: Gallacher SO'D Balatoni Seaboune Carroll Bannigan Osman Fraser Higgy Elliott Stevenson Bench: Fox, Muirhead, Craigan, Doolan, Lawless, Wilson, Keenan
  7. All I can find (after 3 seconds on google) http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/27801405
  8. I think we can all agree that the 'Derek Adams has no pals' song should always remain.
  9. I agree. I feared the worst when I heard G4S were in for this season but they were fine tonight. Possibly a different proposition when they have an away support to deal with!
  10. Was a PATGer (?) Got there 10 minutes before kick off and missed the first few minutes, despite there only being about 30-40 folk ahead of me when I arrived. Also had the stewards and police saying that concessions could get in the adult gate if they had the right change, but turnstile operator said otherwise. Not great. Though if you had a season ticket (that worked) seemed very smooth, which is good.
  11. Kevin Kilbane coming up on Iran vs Nigeria. Should be insightful.
  12. Hope no-one was listening to Jonathon Pearce there.....
  13. ITV for the Japan vs Ivory Coast (sorry, Côte d'Ivoire) game had a solo commentator, Gary Bloom. He wasn't amazing but at least there was less awfulness than most co-commentators bring. Also shout out to Lee Dixon, but not sure if he just looks decent to comparison to everything else on ITV.
  14. Looking forward to this season's 'glamour' friendly.
  15. I believe the new person has been appointed and started last week. Or at least was at Firhill last week anyway.