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  1. Yea we can't let the new kids beat us at home! They did get their first win last week and they're not a bad team really, a few A-League campaigners in the squad. You've got our number I think just let us know if you're gonna make it and we'll sort out a beer before or after the game As for the All Whites game, would love to be there but being a weekday.. stupid employment...
  2. Hey thanks for the thought! It was quite scary! Our house is raised as we're on old swamp land so it shook quite violently for about 30 seconds, crazy feeling. No damage to our place though (apart from a smashed bottle of whiskey) but the neighbour's chimney collapsed and of course the poor old Royal which new owners only just finished renovating about two months ago! Lucky ...

  3. Hey guys, hope you are all OK - seen some pictures of the damage to the Royal Hotel in Temuka, hope your house survived.

  4. We're going to be in Welly for the Melbourne Heart game (Oct 17) kind of as a birthday present for little bro-in-law (15) - Sunday evening game hopefully a nice day! Anyone going or keen to go also?
  5. Cool, I like it. I liked last years too and I wasn't sure if it could be topped. Still not sure it has been, but I like this new one
  6. Sweet yep got our tickets. 0211307772 flick me a txt on the day sort something out, we'll be in Welly about 1pm. Will have camera so will see if we can get a good pic or two also
  7. Phoenix vs Boca Jrs 23rd July Westpac Stadium Wellington woop woop can't wait

  8. Good stuff mate good to see a Kiwi with the role! Thanks Ailsa, top work
  9. Mean. Though unfortunately I only just read your post now... So I'll be getting my tickets at 9am Hopefully anyway - if it's anything like the LA Galaxy game, sold out pretty quick did it not ?
  10. Yep I feel ya, however watching the replay in slow motion, it's a long time between the shirt being let go and him going down, there was nowhere near enough in the shirt tug for that kind of dive. I do understand the physics of what you're saying, but there's another factor in this equation - hence the quote. It's not the penalty that I'm annoyed about, it's the way the Italians were so quick to go to ground (they're not the only ones guilty of this of course) throughout the entire match. Every time our forwards (Killen and Fallon in particular) came within three feet of the ball, the nearest Italian player clutched his face and fell to the ground. The pre-match predictions were that it would be men against boys. I question who those terms should refer to. As for Smeltz being offside when we scored, yea he sure was However there is a difference between benefiting from a bad call and downright cheating. In real time I don't think anybody saw that there was a slight deflection off Winston Reid's head, except Reid himself of course.
  11. Not denying that there was a foul there, but the way he fully milked it and threw himself to the ground like he'd been assaulted was disgusting. Don't agree that it was a "full-on drag the fellow back shirt hold" though, no worse than the 1000 other times it has happened in this tournament without punishment and even if it was, that doesn't make someone fall forwards. Hence that quote.
  12. Boca! Of course! I forgot about that! Um so we're actually quite keen to go to that one instead... probably can't make both and this one suits us much better (Mrs won't need to get time off work) plus there are a few hotels in Welly doing "Phoenix vs Boca specials" which makes it's pretty good value. Tickets on sale Wednesday you say, shouldn't have too much trouble getting tickets if we get in early ?
  13. Yea centurion shoulder thing is ugly, but I also think that single colour v-neck type thingy they've got going in those other Puma shirts (yea like those ones, tottenham, lazio etc) ruins those shirts. The current one is fine! Make the hoops go right the way around and it'd be perfect!
  14. Case and point. The Guatemalan ref in the NZ v Italy game was crap too. Their goal came from a dive that Michael Phelps would be proud of. Sure, there was a little bit of a shirt tug in there, but when he decided to fall over there was nobody touching him. I liked this quote from the Sydney Morning Herald reporter Dan Silkstone - "Italian football can defy the laws of physics; only here does a small pull backwards on the shirt send a grown man tumbling forwards."
  15. With only three employees where I work, no sweepstakes. I put a sneaky wee $20 on the Dutch to win the cup back in April though - were paying $13 then, only $8 now