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  1. I think we definitely can we seem to be hitting some form a real nice patch at the right end of the season. 3 games 10 goals 0 conceded. A lot of important players all hitting form at the right time. I think we are gonna pull it off. Still it’s thistle so i am of course trying to not get my hopes too high many many times thistle have taught me that lesson. But the team does seem to have a feel of a team all just clicking to it. A few weeks back I’d have laughed at the idea. Hopefully just rustiness like pre season and our squad who at the start of the season i thought looked the strongest will now get the chance to show this. MON THE JAGS
  2. On that display i can honestly say I’m truly worried about the future of our club. What will another relegation do to us. Could we come back from that. I fear we are stuck with the management trio as finances dictate we can’t afford to sack them. But as someone else mentioned we can’t afford not to. I’m at a real loss after that showing this could easily be 4 or 5 nil.
  3. It’s just a total showing up. I’m at a loss I really don’t see where we go from here. We can’t afford to sack mcall never mind all his assistants also. What a ******* mess we have gotten ourselves into
  4. I don’t think any of us find it acceptable I just don’t think we can afford to sack him we are stuck
  5. I’ve had to turn it off. I can’t handle this shit show. Just where do we go from here can’t really get rid of the management team, the 3 man full time management team who are out there getting pumped off a bunch of lads who where all at work today. This is as bad as it gets now
  6. It’s the play offs to stay up I think we realistically are looking at. We were lucky to get a point against Forfar at home, east fife are cutting us open. We are in a battle now for our league 1 status. How utterly ******* depressing is that.
  7. I know this could be a silly question. But is there going to be any testing In lge 1 and2. I've heard several saint Mirren players and queens players have tested positive.. so I would imagine at least a cpl of our players will have caught it. So could our first 2 games be forfeited. Its gonna be so important to be top of the league at all times this season such is the precedent set by our friendly muppets at the spfl. Apologies for spelling mistakes or wrong words my auto correct Is being a plick.
  8. I cant believe we are this much further on in time since I posted this originally and we still aren't 100 per cent sure what league we will be in. Although I'm fairly certain we will be league 1 next season I still find it unbelievable it's still a slight possibility it could all change. How are we meant to be able to look at adding to the squad with this uncertainty. What will our budget be what league will we tell possible new players we will be playing in. I'm still shocked the teams wer not able to look past self interest and allow reconstruction to ensure no one team suffered too much as a result of this outbreak. I think best we can hope for is some compensation but yet again it's the jags who are humped by the footballing bodies and associations in this country.
  9. Yeah in the programme they are talking to his brother. And he mentions this I'm not sure if the one they are speaking to was the guy who played in the final. I just liked the fact he referred to thistle as us, well he said we wer playing celtic in the final. It mentions him then signing for us and staying for four years. I also liked lineker referring to us as the jags I wonder sometimes if the english fans and pundits are aware of us as they look down and belittle the scottish game so often.
  10. I actually thought Alan had played in that final. Quite a good bit of coverage for the jags for a wee change. Funny hearing lineker talking about the jags.
  11. Good tribute to alan hansen on bbc 1 after motd tonight (saturday). Any excuse to look back at that I like the way his brother says WE were playing celtic in the final. Does anyone know if alan is a jags fan I take it his brother is.
  12. Hopefully there is going to be a good few more of the under achievers away soon also. I am surprised anybody would walk away just now I'd imagine it would be almost impossible to find another club willing to take on a new wage at this point. I thought teams would be further ahead financially before anybody even dared move on. It's a big risk for players who want a move just now.
  13. I think we have to, it would be crazy to take a chance on any other outcome. If the shaftings from the powers in the past are anything to go by then yes another shafting it will be. I'm quite happy fox has gone, I'd prefer going with sneddon in goal. We will pass him by on the way back up next season he could always be a bit of a liability. We have to cut our cloth now and if that means getting rid of some serious constant under achivers then I'm happy with that.
  14. Your spot on there Big col, any other club on the country probably the world anybody associated with that kind of rapid decline would be gone. It seems at firhill total failure is acceptable especially if your seen as a jags man. We need to shake the blind loyalty we show. Bannigan for me is an example of that loyalty it massively debatable whether theres been a player in there for the last few seasons. Most other teams would've got rid not thistle though. Same with archie for me the relegation season, that defeat from killie the pumping should've been his last game. But people were happy to be relegated as long as we kept him. What other club would even for a second contemplate that. Think about that could you imagine any team or teams fans saying that. If I was sitting with a Falkirk fan and he said he was ok with relegation as long as they kept so and so or whatever manager I'd think hes lost the plot. We need to be more ruthless more harsh get some pride back.