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Welcome to wearethistle.co.uk

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Welcome to the new Jags Forum - www.wearethistle.co.uk


This forum has been set up as a replacement for the previous jags forum (jagsforum.net) and we hope that this new forum can be just as successful as all the previous forums.


We hope to create a real sense of an online community of Thistle fans, where although we may not all agree, we all support the same team and as such we are just like a big family.


The forum hasn't changed drastically from the previous forum and users of the old forum should feel right at home. We also want to welcome all new forum members who are signing up for the first time as well as fans from other clubs.


Please take the time to read our Code of Conduct and our Terms of Use as by registering to the forum you have accepted to comply with these rules. If you are then found to have breached these rules, depending upon the severity, you may receive a warning or immediate dismisal from the board. We will not get drawn into debates about rights/wrongs and if you do not agree with anything on the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use, please email us and provide details.


You may see some big changes/improvements to the board over the next few weeks and we will be adding a lot more features. But more new to follow on the announcements section nearer the time.


If there is anything you would like to see on the forum that we have missed please email us.


We hope you enjoy the new forum and that everyone can make a fresh start on the new board.


Useful Links


Help section

Terms of Use / Code of Conduct





The wearethistle team :wearethistle:

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thanks for welcoming mate ? be the way what happened to the previous forum ??

The guys running it got fed up with all the petty bickering.

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