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  2. don't think you can go past the spine of the team. fox, balatoni, bannigan, and an outside bet would be, doolan/craig because of the important goals . but there's no doubt the main reason for the jags being at the top, is the number of shut outs the defence has managed, so fox v's balatoni for poty award.
  3. as long as that's the only thing that's flowing tonight.lol
  4. the spine of the team has been the most important factor this season. fox,balatoni, bannigan, doolan/craig. player of the year to come from any one of them. for me personally I would go for balatoni followed closely by fox. the league table clearly shows the difference the great defence has played in getting the team to the top.
  5. the only reason I can think of is, their (take home pay), even in the lower league, rangers have 45,000 fans so they can still pay good wages compered to others. thistle will be able to increase the money to the squad next year but not by much I think. no one want them to go back down in a years time but for sure not with inflated wages, end up like Dundee or the dummies frae fife. if you were a young player and you had the chance to go to ibrox especially last year, and the chance to go through all the leagues in succession along with good wages I for one would have jumped at it, a chance to make bit of football history plus a few medals on the way, and still get payed more than most in the country doing so, hard to so no to that.
  6. thanks, was not sure, and I hope mr green tells him his wallet is staying shut. archie will need money himself to strengthen the team(4/5) experienced players at least I think, plus perhaps one or two of the better players we have faced this season.
  7. do you think he might be thinking about one of our strikers? was he not in the papers recently bemoaning about not have any one to bring on as he has no strength in depth up front. or something like that. ps. can rangers actually sign players now?. or only free agents of some one like that, not sure.
  8. the man had a brilliant eye and imagination . plus a fantastic name. rip.
  9. anyone any idea why coisty was at the raith games. is he sniffing around our players. I hope not. its hard to see any of the players wanting to go down to the second div after we win the title and they have the chance to play top div. but a suppose wages would come into it. and before you all get yir knickers in a twist, everyone who keep giving me verbal every post I do. im only asking a question. ok. mc coist and Kenny mc dowall were two yards in front of me all the way up to the ground on Tuesday. no I did not ask him why he was there, did not get the chance, we were all moving double quick time as the game was about to kick off. plus did not want him to see my face in case he remembered me from years ago when I almost wiped out him and his mrs and several rangers players and there wifes, girl friends ect. they were coming out of a city centre eatery late at night and trying to steal each others taxi's, that were parked up across the road from them and thy just ran out right in front of me, and I mean right up to the bumper hands on the bonnet stuff. could have been a leg end in the east of the city..lol. what you mean I am a leg end.ha-ha.
  10. jagielka


    I hoped you might see the irony in the colourful language used. , did not see any post from any wee girls father, sorry. was a ball boy at firhill myself. abet a long , long time ago, late 60's. yes I know, the world has changed and the language has as well. still no excuse for the (type) of abuse given out to the away teams players. sorry if I upset you and sorry I was thinking of the well being of the girl. will not happen again. I will let her father take care of her. seems this is not really a forum after all, lets all just slap each other in the back and ignore anything we see on or around the pitch and lets all hold hands, (eyes shut of course).
  11. jagielka


    glad you noticed. thought I would keep the children on there toes. seems this is not really a football forum but a back slapping exercise. it would appear that the concept of debate is lost to the majority of people on the (forum). it does not matter if the team are great or mince, or a player has played great or mince or the managers tactics are great or mince. if a supporter has an opinion or wants to ask a question then he must be allowed to do so with out taking abuse for it. as for changing the op. it was clear people were not actually reading what was being said and were going off on one because the thread was getting lost. people were accusing me of saying Erskine was not trying or such and such. I never said anything of the like, ive said every time I mentioned the player that he's been great all season, just not on the clubs two biggest games, I was upset about this because I wanted him to do well and help us in these games. hence the op.this is deff the last time I speak on this matter. long live the north stand.