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  1. rob1971

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    Good point, hard to judge when we don't have all the relevant information.
  2. rob1971

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    Although a fan buy-out would avoid the uncertainty of the Chien bid's motives, not sure it moves the club forward. Would there be significant investment in the squad ?
  3. Great decision. See the BBC have got it wrong saying the Main Stand is being renamed !
  4. Yes seen one or two of these before, not sure which teams though. Probably not that many around now.
  5. Not keen on a lot of those on ebay. They are just generic ones with similar produced for loads of clubs. Not sure about the Jags one, think it might be from 1990s.
  6. Not been collecting that long so don't have many. Started adding them to a Flickr album here : https://flic.kr/s/aHsmaqmdxw If you have any spare you are willing to sell let me know.
  7. Does anyone have any old Thistle metal/enamel pin badges they are willing to sell ? If so, PM me with details. Thanks.
  8. Got to agree that the price is a big factor. As someone who only now goes to a few games per season it has come to the stage where I view £22 as expensive. When you have kids there are often other demands on your income and you need to think long and hard about spending £22 on a game of football. Love my fitba and love the jags but can't really afford to watch them too often these days. Free entry for kids is great and does help so hope that policy will continue.
  9. Don't think the price increase helps. Now £22 as opposed to £20 last season. For the casual fan who has other commitments it can make the differnce between going and not bothering.
  10. rob1971


    It would have said if he was injured. Surely not a fall-out ?
  11. I don’t know the exact figure but probably about 250, they are not that easy to come by. The oldest is from 1924 for the opening of Helenvale Park in a match v Rangers. Not sure if it’s a copy or original though. Other than that I have ones from Thistle v Rangers 62/63 and v Hearts 63/64. I have a few from 70s + 80s including the League Cup Final of course. My favourite on is from the Intertoto Cup match away to Metz in 95/96. Also have a few from Friendlies away to Eat Kilbride Thistle, Petershill and Derry City. If anyone can help with any spares they do not want I would be happy to pay a reasonable price. There are many that I need, even from recent seasons, so please PM me if you can help.
  12. Looking for ticket stubs from any of the pre-season Friendlies if anyone has any spare. Will pay reasonable price or have some to swap. Also interested in stubs from other Thistle matches anyone has to offer. PM if you can help. Thanks.
  13. From fifa.com - Juan Carlos Garcia is the kind of player who likes to do his talking on the pitch. Speedy and committed, the 6’2, chunkily built full-back is a useful man to have around in the back line, regularly coming to the aid of his fellow defenders.He made his debut for Marathon in 2007 and won his first international cap in a CONCACAF Gold Cup match against Grenada two years later. He represented his country in the competition again in 2011 and also featured in the Copa Centroamericana that same year.In 2013 he joined English club Wigan Athletic, though injuries and a drop in form have prevented him from getting regular first-team football in the lead-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.He appeared in eight of his country’s qualifiers, scoring one goal, and while his lack of opportunities with Wigan will not have gone unnoticed by Catracho coach Luis Fernando Suarez, the 26-year-old has proved before what he can do and is determined to make a telling contribution to Honduras’ campaign in Brazil
  14. Thought he did really well in the right wing-back role and more effective when he moved back there from midfield.
  15. Do they not just make the rules up as they go along, depending which teams are involved ?