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  1. Totally disagree. Clarkson has made a career out of being offensive and then claiming he's "only joking". It is total bollocks. Stewart Lee has it absolutely spot on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0i0RXMvzMs
  2. I've never been a best man but at all the weddings I've been to the best speeches have been the ones where they were actually relevant to the couple. Maybe sounds obvious, but I would say its better to say something heartfelt/genuine about your mate thats not necessarily funny than trying to shoehorn in as many generic wedding jokes as possible. My best man got some good laughs at my expense by making use of all the stories I'd made him promise not to tell: "Sam made me promise not to tell you all the story about the time we put him in a shopping trolley or the time we accidentally participated in a robbery in Spain, so you'll have to make do with these tales instead..." Everyone that knew the stories had a good chuckle and those that didn't know them laughed at the fact they sounded funny but there was no risk of offending grannies/parents/the groom by revealing *too* much detail...
  3. I *think* they changed some of the netball rules. The top level British league is now shown on sky sports---I think they changed from a club based system to a regional/franchise system in order to increase competition and improve the "product" for supporters. Sadly I don't think football administrators will ever realise that they might need to occasionally use some forward thinking
  4. You say that, but Chelsea only picked up 1 more point on their travels than Man Utd did (26 as opposed to 25) and Man City picked up 28 away points. Arsenal were the best "away" team of the top 4 and they got 31 points away from home. Man U only lost 4 times away from Old Trafford---better than everyone except Arsenal. http://www.premierleague.com/page/LeagueTables http://stats.football365.com/dom/ENG/PR/away.html
  5. When I was a student I played sports and as a result travelled over the uk a fair bit which inevitably involved a night out afterwards. I found Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, and Leeds are far more scary than Glasgow. Glasgow can be mental but like you say I don't think its really any worse than any other major British city (Even Edinburgh has its fair share of bampots---not that they'd admit it!)
  6. Knowing Hearts it will be something along the lines of "Hearts don't have a problem, they only behaved like that because they were wound up by Celtic" and/or "they're not really hearts players, it was Rangers players pretending they were Hearts players..."
  7. Stolen from Twitter: "I'd forgotten about these two Scotland games tacked onto the end of this season. Its a bit like finding bonus tracks on a Celine Dion album" :lol:
  8. What, the SNP??? Trump, Souter, News International... :thinking: None of the mainstream political parties are worth getting excited over. They're all willing to sell out to the highest bidder
  9. I've found myself listening to this a lot in the last few weeks...
  10. What---exactly---has Neil Lennon done to become public enemy number 1? He's a mouthy gobshite but so is Jose Mourinho and as far as I know Mourinho has never been sent bombs, bullets, or been attacked on the pitch. Craig Levein probably said far worse about referees after *that* game but he seems to have avoided Scottish football fans wetting themselves with anger every time he opens his mouth. Walter Smith has been disrespectful on a number of occasions (remember *that* Chick Young interview? Hilarious, but hardly professional) but he seems able to live without a police escort. Neil Lennon is massively disliked, and I'm not saying that he's disliked for any other reason than being a mouthy git. But to suggest that anything he's done even remotely warrants the level of venom flung at him is just nonsense. He's a pantomime villain and not really any worse than a Souness or a Wenger or, dare I say it, a Chico. If Scottish football fans are going to behave like animals every time an opposition player or manager winds them up a bit then we should all just chuck it. And are you honestly saying that it was folly for an adult to wear their team's top in public? Is Scotland so backwards that we can't cope with that?
  11. Some of you may be familiar with WSC magazine. They also have an email newsletter called "weekly howl" and one regular feature is "noticable shirts of yesteryear". This week the Jags are up: The shirt is this one: http://www.uploadlibrary.com/wsc/shirts/partickshirt.jpg
  12. Before they got into Admin they were doing hilariously badly under Chisolm. Ironically, admin let them cut the deadwood and the punishment galvanised the team. Cheating barstewards.
  13. Aye, the right way to deal with someone whose opinion you don't like is to send them a letterbomb. :blink: I don't think I've ever been so down on Scottish fitba'. Between letterbombs (FFS!!!!), UEFA investigations, lawyers, OF riots, playing the same team 7 times, 10 team leagues, craig levein and his 4-6-0, shite games, extortionate prices, Dundee and their cheating, Thistle going round and round in circles and all the rest of it I just really can't be ****** anymore. Whats the point? Promotion to the SPL just means dealing with the OF and their shite on a regular basis and a struggle to stay up. Staying in the SFL means death by apathy.
  14. You must be about the same age as me...Spent quite a few Fridays and Saturdays in that place! No idea why the underagers were tolerated... :lol: