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  1. The test can pick up dead virus cells, which leads to a false positive. Scientists can tell when reinfections happen through the genetic code of the virus.
  2. Flu is not a Coronavirus. There are over 200 different viruses that can cause cold symptoms. That makes it very difficult to vaccinate against. I would suggest the evidence points to long-term immunity to COVID. There have only been around 8 reinfections out of over 25 million confirmed cases. It's been established that people surveyed that had been affected by Sars 1 still have t-cells resistant to Sars 1.
  3. What measures in particular do you disagree with in regards to speeding up the vaccine development?
  4. Things are looking very good long term with this virus. Looks a strong possibility a vaccine will be deployed tail end of this year. The Oxford vaccine has a 91+% proficiency according to phase one and two trials. If this is correct and gains approval then we can expect things to look positive going into the New Year. Questions though, people who have had the vaccine do they avoid any restrictions with gaining entry to stadiums? What happens to players who refuse the vaccine? I am sure there are plenty of other valid questions.
  5. These loan sigings will be cheap and at a higher level than our academy players. I don't understand why people would want our young players put in the first team if they are not ready yet,
  6. Don't think it was to do with Cerny our defence being poor in his last year, I agree it is more than just experience we need. Scott Fox was never great at cross balls and a hesitant defence added up to one big problem last year. In my opinion, we needed a different type of Goalie to Sneddon to give us options. Was really hopeful we would sign Jamie MacDonald but he went to Raith Rovers.
  7. Concerned about having two inexperienced goalkeepers. We had a huge problem at setplays last season, having an experienced goalie in the squad would have been they way to go in my opinion.
  8. Saw people mentioning that there is a clause on players contracts that if football is stopped, then the contract becomes void. Can anybody confirm this is the case?
  9. I would be surprised if we were in for him. We need a pacy striker in and dools does not fit that description. I would expect Mansell to leave before the start of the season though.
  10. Carl Tremarco off to Ross County.
  11. Anybody got stats on us conceding from corner kicks and comparing us to other sides?
  12. If people think we can turn our noses up at player like Cole for L1 then I think people are going to be very disapointed in who we bring in. Maybe have a look at the players Falkirk brought in last season.
  13. Depends on what happens with the virus of course, but many countries are are planing on having supporters in stadiums.
  14. This looks very good news. Think lower league clubs will need more than 50k each though. Is thier a possibility other avenues of money could forward like sponsorship of the testing? Looking much more positive for the restart of football this year.
  15. Can you take on a staff member and then furlough them?