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  1. Half decent striker @we could be 3 in league no promblem don't need 2 fear anyone as the rest r nothing to worry about we r doing great our luck will change Proudtobeajag
  2. Guy walks into abar @says to barman selling 2 seater suite + 2 chairs worth 10000 sell u it for 200 great buy he said but my mum always said never take suites off strangers
  3. Novo for jags no thanks nothing but a wee arse hole all he talks about is rangers thistle fans don't forget we always gave him dogs abuse Morton r welcome 2 him they like over 30 that's why there in div 1 maybe goin down again let's hope
  4. Will not hear Celtic fans any way jags will out sing them out play them does not matter we're we sit we will be singing @dancing all game com the jags