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  1. Too much misguided loyalty to him a sideways passers just like macstay !!!
  2. There is a rot about the club we seem to sink to the bottom of every league we play in too much money spent on irrelevant levels of management for our league placing eg 2 assistant managers and a Chief exec cut the overheads and spend money on the team
  3. It would be a breath of fresh air if the Chief Exec and the board would be open and honest with the the fans, who were there before the current board and will be there long after their departure,about their specific goals for Caldwell and his management team. Cathro was allegedly great with spreadsheets and analysis but couldn’t motivate a team to win consistently Interesting to hear what Chesterfield and Wigan fans think now???
  4. Last season was the old board Perhaps the new board will be more realistic!!!! What is the Chief Exec’s role in this ? If he can’t make recommendations to the board ,then what is the point of his role ??? Or will they procrastinate over a decision resulting in another season fighting relegation
  5. Surely the board have Caldwell on specific and timebound performance management targets, that if not achieved ,would to lead to termination of his contract without compensation ???