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  1. Nothing on the BBC website.... So it can't be true!
  2. Just seen this mornings pictures on facebook.... Any updates guys.... I'm pretty disgusted..
  3. Haha..... They look brilliant.... Definitely having both when the time comes...
  4. I did..... And I've been to the club shop and bought new top.... Baby stuff for my soon to be grandson.... And Partick thistle sweeties.... lol....just trying to think of different ways to get money to the club that's all...
  5. I was behind the goal in the days when they packed you in like sardines... And someone always shouting ... Piss coming out... Cause you couldn't get to a toilet... Nor find your way back to your mates...... But I couldn't see the goal line.... And for a split second thought their keeper had got it..... Mixed emotions that night..... It was two big Welsh polis that told us about Jock as we were leaving... As it coming over on their radio...
  6. Can't believe it's been 25 years since this great guy was cruelly taken from us so soon.. ... No matter your team.... Always remember this guy as one of Scotlands greats.. I first saw him in 1970something..6 maybe..everybody was talking about this young boy at clydebank.... So we made a point of going to firhill for a Scottish cup replay after several draws.... Rangers won 2-1... But The Star was a young Davie Cooper.... So many great memories of him.... Especially in Wales in 86....sorry if my dates are wrong....time and booze and all that... Great memories but so sad.....
  7. Nearly £10,000 raised in only three days..... Proud to be part of the Jags Family!!!
  8. Great stuff BB.... I'd happily buy both..... After all costs any idea how much and how much we could get to the club..... . The gofund page is amazing... Nearly £10,000 after only three days!!
  9. Just thinking, if they're going to extend the season into June or even July... They'd need to cancel the summer transfer window wouldn't they? It could be pretty unfair for some clubs... Even us, to make signings to get out of trouble or challenge for the league title?
  10. Like this if you've not seen it... But rearrange badge obviously for the T-shirt...
  11. Brilliant.... I just thought it looked great as soon as I saw it..... Hope they do baby ones too as daughter has one on the way.... It's a great marketing coup at the right time... Especially for us nomads... Football with a line through it and family inserted below.... Whoever came up with that design deserves high praise indeed!!
  12. I've just seen this on the PTFC website....Partick Thistle Family club.. With the word football scored out and replaced by family....thought the design looked great.. Was thinking this could be a great T-shirt??? With of course all monies to the club... Is there anyone on here could take that on if you think it would be popular??