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Campeones: The John Caldwell Story

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So, operation 'PTFC player I.D.' hits the jackpot... our J. Caldwell (second from back left in pic) turns out to be JOHN CALDWELL, winner of the first-ever Argentinian League Championship with St Andrew's AC in 1891!

As the main author (Iain Campbell Whittle) put it:

One evening, indeed overnight, an e-mail came in and when in the morning I opened it I found a treasure-trove that had been sitting in Glasgow for a century. It, the e-mail, had been sent by John Caldwell's great-grandson, Kenneth, and it contained not just material John had brought back with him after forty years working on the railways in Argentina, but his memories of the role he had in the Scottish game both before he left for Buenos Aires, Rosario and the Argentine interior and glimpses of his continued involvement on his return.

Our latest 'Partickle' delves in to a remarkable journey...

Campeones: The John Caldwell Story →



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When I first read the OP I thought - hang on they are making this up, nobody sent an email in 1891! 

as usual a brilliant read - this website is the daddy of Partick Thistle websites! Cap doffed again!

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4 hours ago, The Thistle Archive said:

Jolly decent of you chaps, thank you.

And just thinking Michael, that must be over 30 years for you now at Firhill. Getting on for a life sentence!

Saw my first game 47 years ago - delighted to have been involved as you say for over 30 years and although there have been a few low points - the high’s more than make up for it. Partick Thistle is a truly extraordinary club with amazing people, and long may it enjoy entertaining these fans.  I am delighted to have played a very small part in trying to make it as good a place as possible to enjoy your 90 minutes. It’s been very humbling.

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