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  1. Apologies Jaggernaut, I thought he had denied that he was the source of the leak or whatever you want to call the smear. Maybe it's all down to how it's reported in the press and what slant they choose to take, but either way politics should not be subject to underhand tactics to try to unsettle an opponent. (Sunday Telegraph reporting before you ask. Father-in-law buys it; not me!) I guess we all suspect (if not know) that politicians and their staff have been guilty of dirty tricks in the past. Who can forget the "good time to bury bad news" email following the deaths of 6500 people in the WTC terror attack. But let's be honest, is it not the case that some in the Nat ranks can smell blood and are looking for a kill? Matters are, as I understand it, in the hands of the Parliamentary Commissioner who will no doubt report back in time. I don't know what the outcome might be but some will no doubt suggest "whitewash"! This is the system that we've signed up to and it cannot be circumvented. Even if it as a form of elective dictatorship i.e. we give away all power to a small power elite who are then controlled by their party. But mob rule must not prevail and maybe this is the best system we can come up with... For my part I'm not a great fan of the Lib Dems but I equally hate lynch mobs. But the good news is that in time they get fed up and move onto their next victim. In time you might even find that they will turn on the SNP - big things are expected and with no opposition they will be in the shop window. The recent referendum was full of nasty stuff (both sides) and it really sickened a lot of people; myself included. Upon reflection, how many votes did the "Yes" campaign lose on account of the antics of Cybernats? Apologies for going off topic.
  2. Don't disagree with anything that Woodstock Jag has said but doesn't this take us back to the outcome of the inquiry? So in terms of hard fact, can anyone prove without a question of doubt that Carmichael is guilty? If not, we go round in circles and he just keeps denying it was him; or am I missing something? If this is the case, surely time to move on. I mean, is the game worth the candle and would the SNP expect to win this seat? (Thinking that the islands voted no in the referendum; so likely not to vote SNP. I know it's different issues and some no voters voted SNP in the election etc.) Also, what more could the Scotland Office do? Torture the guy into a confession?
  3. As positive an early signing as we'll see by Archie. Great news.
  4. Agree with the above and let's not forget that as well as steering the Lib Dems to there highest every number of MPs (was it 60+?) he also forewarned of the dangers of entering into coalition. A sad loss at too young an age.
  5. I woke up to several texts from a drunk St Mirren fan who loves this forum. Sad but true. He wishes his mob had similar and that the chat was of a decent standard(?). One of his texts featured expressions like: cappuccino, wine bars, Byres Road, dilettante, beret wearing pseudos, champagne socialists... and all in the one sentence. What school does he teach at? I won't say but this clearly touched a raw nerve. As he said in closing: "leave the weans alone!"
  6. I'm amazed at my old mate Jaggybunnet rising to the bait on this one, but he does have a point of sorts. My take on it is that politicians of many parties will do whatever it takes to put the boot into their opponents. Is the very nature of the game not one of survival? So do anything required to neutralise or even neuter your opponents. Just now Carmichael is fair game and is clearly trying to weather the storm of island mass protest (the 40 or so folk who reportedly turned up demanding his removal yesterday). I think this is what Jaggy suggests and I think he's right. In terms of the SNP and their dirty-tricks past, I have no evidence other than historic e.g. voting with the Tories to bring down the Labour government of 1979. But maybe the parties change and that was then, this is now. The Salmond expenses scandal(?) seemed to die on its arse: was it £80k on tartan breeks and bevvy going to the golf in Chicago? The Daily Telegraph ran stories but, like I say, they petered out... but £80k buys a lot of food for food banks. What do I think? (you'll no doubt ask), the timing of any fresh election in this constituency would no doubt see another SNP seat being added to the collection. With nothing better to do the SNP's campaign teams would probably work flat-out to do whatever was required to secure victory. As things stand in what is fast becoming a one-party State (we put them in power so no grumbles) no other political party appears capable of standing in their way. Will this be the case in 5-years time? Who knows, what can the press unearth? But the evidence suggests, and I'm using Holyrood as my example, that they're capable of running government with little or no scandal. (Democratic centralism that even Lenin might have approved of! I say this as there will be secrets hidden away in metaphorical cupboards.)
  7. ... according to some of a certain persuasion they apparently did; they claim that this is against all that is good about football. How dare Motherwell turn up and spoil their party. 49,000 silenced by three good goals. On last night's evidence, do Rangers seriously think they could compete at the top level in Scotland? Motherwell ran them ragged on the counter and their defending of corners and high balls was a joke.
  8. Agree totally with the above and great to see Scotland's only professional bull-runner in attendance. The football was secondary, it was all about seeing out the season with friends and having a laugh. In this respect, as it always does, the S&G bus was a memorable day out. Thanks. P.S. F*** all wrong with my trainers; a bargain at £6.39!
  9. ... who will presumably double or substantially increase his wage. That's a serious point btw; Saturday's body language as much as said he was away. When on song as entertaining a player as I've seen at Firhill in years. A great talent and I seriously wish him well at whatever club he joins. Hate to say it, but next season will be another survival year. If the dropping attendances figures are to be believed (do the stats ever lie?) then there must be an income issue; which, I guess, filters down to the budget available to pay staff and players. We should maybe bear this in mind before the first thread appears about changing the management structure. Sorry to put a downer on things after a great season... But nobody said being a Thistle fan was a passport to a happy life in Glasgow. You just get free enlightenment and a thick skin
  10. Go up the thread and, agree, he had potential. Even quite liked the Polish(?) boy who creamed Taylor yesterday. No hesitation in going for a 50-50 ball and using his body to protect himself.
  11. Great save in 2nd half today. But I still shudder when we face corners etc.
  12. Remember Gaz: When you go to sleep tonight, dream of Pat and your dreams will be all the sweeter!
  13. Proof that you'd like to wake up beside him... he's your favourite wet dream!
  14. What have you got against Pat Nevin Gaz? The Oscar Wilde of football pundits; erm, witty and urbane! P.S. Is this what you youngsters call a guy crush?