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  1. he kills coppers!

  2. u all talk about better football, but in my eyes, the best football is winning, no matter how you do it. u could pass beautifully on a nice flat artificial surface, play beautiful football but get done 13-0. 'no danger power ranger, played some excellent stuff today but we got gubbed 13-0.' i think the tatty field helps us. a nice synthetic surface would help a lot of teams, but i think when teams come and see how bad firhill is and the desperately have to try, rethink their gameplan to fit in how bad it is it will help us. i think the tatty field makes it part of what is great to be a thistle fan, one to tell our grandsons about how the rugby buggers used it on a friday night and turned firhill into passechdale and how we used it to our advantage to gazump teams to get into the premier. i say no to artificial surfaces, firhill is grass, mud and howitzer craters and i want to keep it that way
  3. see that first penalty, that infuriated me. see when a goalie falls the wrong way? why not watch the penalty taker, read his body language and save it. even if he has a poker body, see where the ball is going and try and try save it. if your reflexes are worth anything then u have a chance of saving i. all this flopping on your side the wrong way is pittiful. do these goalies have no self pride?
  4. People need to stop taking things so seriously, gettin abuse is a form of flattery, if they didnt think you were worth ,then they wouldn't abuse you. they say in bangladesh 'hunters dont's shoot at ants, they shoot at tigers.' preclusions wrong but be happy when people try to preclude you
  5. i dont think racism is right, i dont think any form of abusing someone because of their difference is right, but people have to grow up and get over it and not greet about it like a big tart. Nothing a few thistle fans are goin to say is gonna stop world racism is it? Everyone gets abuse for one thing or another. should i start greeting about people abusing people about my specks? Thats another for of secular preclusion, by the way. no! i have more dignity than that
  6. sorry not trying to sound like a penis, but see peter mcdonald, who used to play for celtic? was a centre half for their youth team? he had to quit because he had bones in his foot. needed surgery 2 get them removed and came back a shadow. well his dad used to help bobby dinnie and spotted archibald playing for possil Y.M. archie was totally disillusioned with his life at the time, was working as a milk boy collecting peoples milk bottles and aggressively ringing their doors to get the money back the milk man the money he was owed when he got off the back of the van. believe glaswegian had photos of him sittin on a wiseman van. Or it was a dream i had, i can't remember
  7. Pakistan are not chokers! it takes more dikc to win the 20/20 world cup and they dun that. they're are in a bit of turmoil but they seem to be in this tournament all guns blazing and tryin to make a statement. they have momentum and they gubbed the aussies (the real pommes) (don't know why aussie call the english the pommes when the aussie's are the pommes, coz it was their forefathers who weren't clever enough to get off with their crimes so ended up prisoners of her magesty and sent to australia)
  8. here here, we all get some sort of abuse in our lifes, get on with it. i don't get menstrual everytime someone calls me baldy or specky. Just get over it and stop being metrosexual. Men are pure tarts nowadays, with their man bags, mousturizer, cleaveage showing vests, shaved chests and boybands. where did us fathers go wrong? Mark walters just got on with it and didnt greet his eyes out
  9. I think archie would be a tad ungrateful not to accept reduced terms from us. We plucked him from obscurity playing for possil Y.M. when he was goin to give it up. We made him who he is, he's had his best days at us. We've gave him a lot so to not accept the terms and finish his career at us would be a kick in the teeth, a middle finger and a bit of adultery with my wife in my eyes
  10. I agree with this. People playing the race card for their own agenda. Who does he think he is? the brazilian el hadji diouf? a racist scot? aye right! Next they'll be sayin we're all drunken bigots
  11. who says throwing a banana is racist? maybe when neymar was on the deck injured, they maybe thought he had cramp, and everyone knows that the best way to get rid of cramp is to eat a banana, as the iron gets rid of the lactic acid. Credit where it's due. bravo tartan army!
  12. rather raith than dunfermlinexxxxxxx
  13. will tjey not put us behind the goal?