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  1. Think the word we should be using is "journeyman" not "jobsworth". Just sayin'
  2. I greatly appreciate Woodstock Jag's arguments for and against (mainly against) the court action which highlights the complexities involved. For what it's worth I can recall two "lost causes" which were won. 1. O J Simpson found not guilty of murder despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary 2.Elon Musk won defamation case despite calling British cave rescuer a "pedo guy" I know they were both American cases but it proves that somethings don't always turn out as expected
  3. Think USA will be the key country in determining how soon we get back to normal.They are lifting restrictions particularly in Republican states and the next few weeks will show whether they are still infecting each other.If they are then all countries must ban entry of all USA travellers to ensure they do not spread the virus. Cyprus has already banned all UK and USA arrivals.
  4. You would not want Redknapp any where near our club unless we start selling second hand cars.
  5. Survival is the name of the game. It's almost certain some clubs will go to the wall and we have to make sure we are not one of them. There WILL be league reconstruction not by choice but necessity and the mistakes of the past should not be repeated. So,how do we ensure survival? Do we start trimmimg now? Will the government pay the players and staff wages?Can we get a sustainable loan? Have we assets we can sell? Answers and suggestions on a postcard to PTFC
  6. Maybe one of the most intelligent players ever to play for Thistle. Get well soon.
  7. To all those posters who are criticizing the clubs stance please tell us what they should have done to ensure that we would not be shafted, given that the deck was stacked before the vote was taken. I'm not interested in proposals that would have made us feel better but does not retain our Championship status. Just tell me in simple terms how we could have guaranteed that we would not have been shat on from a great height and whilst you are at it tell me how 95% of the teams in the Scottish leagues could avoid being in the same position. It's a bit like ,say,when Bannigan is constantly fouled throughout a game and has a perfectly good goal chopped off and finally after yet another foul stands up and lamps the offending player.We love it,he feels better and then he gets sent off and we lose the game.Was it worth it? I think not. Same situation here, short term gratification for no gain.
  8. Any decision should be based any situation where a full season cannot be completed for whatever reason.This is something which should have already have been put in place. The decision should apply if 25% ,50%,or 75% or whatever remains to be played. Would you promote / relegate a team if 75% or 50% still had to be played? Of course not. What happens when a game is abandoned, which is effectively what has happened to this season. Do we award the points based on the score at abandonment? Of course not. If the season cannot be extended to complete the games then the season is NULL AND VOID. Nobody wins and nobody loses. Money can be shared out based on points accumulated.In my opinion more clubs would vote for that than against
  9. Don't I know it. I'm 75 with COPD and shitting myself!!
  10. If this situation continues into the summer it will be catastrophic for the world never mind Scottish football.There will be bankruptcies and unemployment on an unprecedented scale. Long John Silvers words come to mind " Them as dies 'll be the lucky ones"
  11. Don't agree there was a lack of effort. If anything there was too much effort and too little composure.There was nobody putting their foot on the ball,everything was rushed or hopeful. Crosses,particularly from Cardle, were hit and hope ,to one man in the box.Graham had little chance getting to the ball with 2 or 3 defenders around him.Agree that our keeper,regardless whether Fox or Sneddon ,should clear out everybody for crosses. The problem is that when a team is on a losing streak,no one wants to hold the ball.Just get rid of it is the mantra. As far slagging McCall because he chews chewing gum? Really? Did you notice one of his laces was undone? Disgraceful!! McCall is the McCall h e's always been.I think he is an honest,experienced manager who has the best interests of Thistle at heart but maybe this situation is beyond him.One thing is sure ,sucking Polo mints instead of chewing gum is not the answer to our problems. Just sayin'
  12. And Alloa look as if they will pick up a point
  13. How likely is it that the recent additions to the squad have relegation clauses in their contracts?