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  1. I think bell and Mulgrew might come and O’ware might go. I also think Zlamal would be a good shout as he’s been freed from Hearts
  2. Hearts looking at him also
  3. As of 20 mins ago - Falkirk are without a Management Team
  4. Zak Rudden - unbelievable
  5. There are honestly no words
  6. This is actually hilarious. We are getting destroyed by East Fife. If you didn’t laugh you would greet..
  7. Ross Docherty is miles off the pace but because he’s McCalls boy he gets shoehorned in....
  8. Should be 3-0..we are honking
  9. Get Graham off..the only thing he’s actually any good at and he fluffs it..off now please
  10. Hoof ball to Graham is obviously the game plan today..utter dross
  11. This is dire viewing Zero pattern of play Don’t see us scoring at all
  12. Don’t have pie and bovril. Not claiming it to be certain but he’s normally accurate. he had a decent spell at Ayr