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  1. I haven't been a fan of Crawford but both he & Turner played in a midfield 3 yesterday & imo both had their best games for weeks. Amazing how a decent surface improves some players. Sorry to say but Banzo appears to have seriously regressed
  2. Disappointed we got nothing from tonight's game but not too disappointed that we'll miss out on promotion. I actually quite enjoyed the game so it was worth the journey. Two positives for me. Thought Tunji was more like his old self & Turner was excellent in a more central role. Funny that.
  3. Jimbo

    Connor Murray

    Tumelty from RR Best rb in the division by some distance.
  4. Jimbo


    If McCall is willing to let Sena leave I have to assume he has at least 1 midfielder lined up. We simply cannot continue with 3 from Turner, Crawford, Docherty & Bannigan irrespective of the formation.
  5. He may have had an indifferent season but his performances have been no worse, & probably superior, to the loanees who arrived in January. There may be more to it but I think he's been treated appallingly but the management team recently. There, got it off my chest. Feel better now.
  6. Personally I remain unconvinced that the root cause was the ground sharing arrangement & nothing else &, having sat through months of some pretty unbearable 'entertainment', I think the fans deserve significantly more detail, especially if the cost restricts the player budget.
  7. Slightly underwhelming but let's hope that the commitment for biweekly updates is kept. At least there is some communication which is more than can be said for JL & her cronies. The silence is deafening. Just not good enough given her commitment to regularly communicate around 18 months ago &, let's face it, there's plenty out outstanding issues - pitch, stadium infrastructure, club finances, etc I sense there's a bit of a chicken & egg scenario. Fans reluctant to sign up until there's strong evidence that the club is financially sound & the board is fully behind the fan ownership concept. Current BoD unwilling to fully engage until there's evidence that the fans a re prepared to commit to fan ownership via TJF.
  8. Just to develop the lack of width theme. What most bemuses me is that, whilst the success of McCall's Ayr team a few seasons back was mainly credited to Shankland, my own view is that he benefitted from 2 very good attacking full backs (Smith & Harvie). I'm not saying Williamson & Penrice were at a similar level but I don't think we have adequately replaced them. I don't enjoy highlighting players' deficiencies but I've never understood some posters' 'love in' with Foster. Can't fault his commitment but the number of mistakes he now makes is a real concern. Yesterday was not his finest 90 minutes.
  9. Wholeheartedly agree with this. Quite honestly I'm never confident that Graham will score as his technique is flawed. 1. He always sacrifices accuracy for power. 2. His runup is practically straight. Therefore it's very unlikely that the ball will go to the GK's left (so goalie doesn't need to think too hard) & almost certain that the ball will be at a nice height to save. My nominee would be Turner but, for some reason, he's rarely on the pitch these days. Sour grapes I know but Jagzone highlights shows a Morton player a yard inside the penalty box before Graham strikes the ball.
  10. I'm pretty sure the QP games have contributed to the current issues, or at least haven't helped, but I think it's too simplistic to pin all the blame on this. I checked Jagzone & the pitch only started to show significant deterioration in December. Additionally the Killermont rain guage data (if I interpreted it correctly) confirmed more rain fell between August & October than November to January. So I can only conclude that the pitch is currently less able to cope with the Scottish weather in comparison with previous seasons & I would expect the club to be looking into this & to share their findings with supporters. Personally I'm more disappointed by the club's lack of transparency on why the deal with QP was made. I suspect it was driven by the need to reduce the £350k shortfall with the other Championship clubs but it would have been nice to have this confirmed
  11. Really poor game management. Ball at ICT corner flag 2 mins into added time. Just boot the ball off an opponent & take your time with shy or corner.
  12. Club website on Monday confirmed Our office team are currently working through all the seating group requests and will provide update seat information to all supporters between Thursday 29th July and 10am on Saturday 31st July. This information will contain your seat number for Saturday’s game Can only hope they take where ST holders live into account
  13. Jimbo


    Don't know how long ago you spoke to the player but imo the club's apparent fixation on 1 year contracts significantly contributed to our freefall. If a player played well he attracted other clubs, if not we didn't resign him. Result - huge squad turnover & last minute (desperate?) signings. To be fair to McCall he immediately recognised this & took appropriate action
  14. Agree & was surprised when he was substituted. A midfielder who can take the ball & run at the opposition, something we lack. Understand he can also play left back/left wing back