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  1. I think Macdonald is a quality journalist but let's not forget he shares a seat at the table with Roughie on PLZsoccer. Draw your own conclusions.
  2. Just listened to the podcast. Pretty sure that Spiers won't sit on this & it may galvanise some other media outlets
  3. Denis, you have been consistent in advocating some form of protest & I respect that. However, given the culture at the top of our club, & let's face it even most of those who have been critical of TJF freely admit it stinks, there is no guarantee that any visible protest would have influenced TBC/BoD. Indeed it may even have been counter productive unless the vast majority of TJF members actively participated. Is there a better way? I honestly don't know
  4. I spoke to one of TJF guys at Saturday's game & expressed my concern that action appeared to have stalled. I was advised that something would be forthcoming this week. Can only hope that they expected today's announcement & that can retaliate. Fingers crossed.
  5. To be fair LJ it's 4 weeks since they were awarded the shares & prior to that we know there was dialogue with TBC. Is it not reasonable to assume that short-medium term objectives & the appropriate fan ownership model would have been discussed? If these discussions did take place, & let's be honest if the process was in any way professional then they should have been discussed, then why can't they even acknowledge an email from a 'beneficiary'? I think we all know the answer.
  6. On 6th September I emailed the PTFC Trust & asked them a couple of innocuous but nevertheless important questions. My email is immediately below. There is clearly a lot of noise surrounding the fan ownership question. As a season ticket holder for a number of years I have two questions: 1. If we assume that the share transfer is completed by the end of this year, what are your 3 key objectives in 2023? 2. As you will be aware there are numerous fan ownership models. Which model best reflects Colin Weir’s vision? That was over one week ago & I have yet to receive an acknowledgement let alone any kind of response. Hard to say if they’re unwilling or simply unable to provide an answer, but I can only conclude that their warm words in relation to fan engagement are hollow. If any member of this forum continues to give the Trustees the benefit of the doubt I would respectfully ask them to reconsider their position.
  7. Perhaps. Probably depends on Gerry Britton forwarding my email to him which confirms my position ie. don't assume that this is tacit acceptance of your recent actions Could all TJF members attending tomorrow's match do something similar (if they haven't already)?
  8. The behaviour of the BoD/TBC & the PTFC Trust sucks & strongly suggests that the culture at the top of the club stinks. I'm a member of TJF & my position, which I've confirmed previously, is that any 'protest' should be coordinated by TJF with the full support of its members. Random forms of protest will almost certainly be counter-productive. The coaches & players are blameless. Therefore my 2 sons & I will be at Firhill tomorrow to support the team
  9. 100% agree with the Turner comment. He has a sureness of touch & awareness which Doc lacks.
  10. Hold fire with Everybody Knows for now.
  11. Hold fire with Everybody Knows for now.
  12. Denis, I recall from one of your previous posts that you're an ex TU official (apologies if I've got that wrong). You'll therefore appreciate that any successful protest needs to be organised, coordinated & have the full support of the membership. TJF members all want the same outcome but random forms of protest by various groups/individuals will be of little benefit & may limit the goodwill &/or future affiliation of current non-members. My own position is that any protest should be the TJF board's call.
  13. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/club-statement-on-way-forward-with-ptfc-trust/ 'It is for the PTFC Trust as an independent entity to articulate its preferred way of operating and in partnership with the Club Board to agree on the operating model that works best for the Club and Jags fans. To be clear, that could include any number of options which are common in fan-owned clubs including having representatives from the Trust on the Club Board'. I spent 30 years in Sourcing & would never have awarded a potential supplier any type of contract without clarity on 'its preferred way of operating'. This statement really beggars belief.
  14. Good news but can't help feeling that there's still some spin from the club. i.e. their 'reconsideration' came after the approach from PTFC Trust
  15. Strategic approach required. Are the 5 trustees up for the fight? Just asking.