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  1. Agree & was surprised when he was substituted. A midfielder who can take the ball & run at the opposition, something we lack. Understand he can also play left back/left wing back
  2. He clearly made mistakes & will admit that himself. Clearly didn't do his homework on McKinnon & Barjonas wasn't an improvement on Palmer IMO. The jury is till out on Rudden but Graham, Brownlie & Mayo definitely improved the team & should be placed in the credit column
  3. Jimbo

    Away Kit

    I could be in the minority but I like it. And encouraging to see Brian Graham as one of the 'models'
  4. It was a long time ago but didn't 10cc need to cancel the gig at the last minute due to illness but not before the need to endure chas & dave. They rescheduled but guess the support at gig no 2.
  5. Agree with the above. Unfortunately age has caught up with Joe & he is no longer effective as a wide player. No pace to go past defenders on the right & a bit of a one trick pony on the left. I still think he has the potential to play centrally just behind the striker(s), & sense McCall sees him as a squad player (good about the dressing room), but is that a luxury we can't afford?
  6. Totally understand where you're coming from. Yet, within hours of our announcement, SPFL ask the Div 1 & 2 clubs that exact question. Coincidence?
  7. SPFL needs to plan for this. All so avoidable. Temporary reconstruction anyone?
  8. Can anyone answer this? If only the PL & Championship start & finish next season (a not impossible scenario), is there relegation from the latter?
  9. Yup. Get all that, but if football can't resume until say late Q1 next year then the SPFL will have some big decisions to make, not necessarily mutually exclusive. 1. Shortened season. 2. Summer football. 3. Reconstruction. 4. All of the above. They should be discussing this kind of possibility. It's basic scenario planning (yes I know it's the SPFL we're talking about here). Anyway if this transpires I look forward to another bun fight & would hope the 13 clubs who voted for the independent investigation this week would lead the charge.
  10. It is not inconceivable that football in Scotland can't resume until Feb/March next year. So, assuming most clubs still exist, why shouldn't we simply resume this season's leagues then? Clearly fair & sporting integrity is preserved. Has SPFL even considered this possibility? Not exactly fanciful!
  11. McKinnon at base of diamond. Banjonas/Gordon at top ahead of Cole & Banzo. McKinnon to rarely cross halfway & become 3rd defender when full backs go forward to provide width. It can work as long as McKinnon & full backs maintain their discipline. One for training ground.