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  1. Cant view official website on my mobile
  2. Wer abouts is their social club and is it kid friendly
  3. To b honest sittin at the city end the north stand sounded low.havin the noise piped thru the pa worked a treat,helped the singin a bit towards the end in jhs
  4. spotted neil mcann with leg padding and in crutches with jackie mac leaving a/e
  5. 09.00 glasgow central £38 return,no changes on this one straight there.
  6. think we get the jist ffxke guys,anyone want to talk about what mcall said
  7. is this like a questions and answers thing tonight
  8. exactly the way i witnessed and felt about it
  9. winning 2 league titles in a trot and reaching the scottish cup semi in same year was just as great for me
  10. as much as we dislike that lot you really have to give it to them,theyve turned it around just like caley have done